Japanese Girlfriend

Japanese Girlfriend


Japanese Girlfriend serves hard pumped rock, seasoned with a nice melody and a smile you just can´t resist. Japanese Girlfriend – the girl you just can´t live without.


Official pressinformation:

Japanese Girlfriend

Since the beginning of this Danish rock-trio’s existence five years ago, Japanese Girlfriend has worked towards the refinement of the band’s solidly personal and consistent rock-style.
Genres: punk, indie and hard rock.

Between them, Claus (bas, lead vocal), Alexander (Guitars, vocal) and Mikkel (drums) have about 20 years of live-experience, in and out of the band and their live-performance is indeed a very important part of the band’s profile. Overflowing and outgoing, expressing an energy and joy, the band manages to grab the audience’s attention twirling the girlfriend capably.
Japanese Girlfriend has played gigs in several Danish venues like Huset i Magstræde (Kbh.), Lades kælder (Kbh.), Roast´n´Beers (Vejle), Badstuen (Odense) and Rytmeposten (Odense).

The musical expression is important to the band, spiced with irony both lyrically but also in relation to the band’s image. White suits and shocking pink accessories serves as perfect backdrop for the band’s energy and happy-go-lucky vibrant style. Just three happy guys with no small amount of talent to outshine whatever clothing they should choose to wear on stage!
This is a band that leaves you wanting to see and hear more!

Backgroundstory of:

Japanese Girlfriend – About stupid kids and Asian love

From Odense, Denmark this energetic trio sat sails and embarked on a long and wonderfully hair raising voyage towards the long lost land of hard pumped rock, discovering the fine art of Asian love making, wrapped in a beautiful pink cloud of violent penetration... In the end resulting in the conception of the Japanese Girlfriend

Three years after the dramatic birth of the Japanese Girlfriend in 2002, the founding parents had a falling out, which resulted in a nasty divorce. Claus Arvad (vocals and Bass) and Mikkel Andreasen (Drums) tried to nurture and smother the poor girl with love and affection, but all seemed hopeless... she was oh so sad. But just as the young Japanese Girlfriend hit her emotional rock bottom everything changed! A little kid was brought home by the young girl´s parents. Adopted into the small family, Alexander (Guitars) immediately brought joy to his new sister, the Japanese Girlfriend, whom instantly came to love her new found Asian brother.

Now she´s growing up...
Set to conquor the world, the Japanese Girlfriend tricked all the local stupid kids into loving her and embracing the hard, yet fragile young girl.

... And soon you´ll be loving her too...


"Japanese Girlfriend": EP, 2002
"Dressed In Teen": EP, 2004
"Apple Pie": EP, 2006

Set List

Normal set of one (1) hour + extras

Listing of songs:

- Leave me here in space
- Apple pie
- I wont let you
- Overload
- Oh my God it´s vintage
- Manicure Of Mass Destruction
- The kids
- The Roof, The River Or The Revolver
- You Did Me A Favour
- Comal 80
- Darling (Do It Yourself)