japanese toys

japanese toys


Emotional, catchy, edgy pop-rock with harmonies to die for. Queen meets Weezer with a female lead singer who bases her performance on a mix of Freddie Mercury and Juliet Lewis.


Japanese Toys write and record music in a converted art studio in a dark lane in Dublin. Japanese Toys songs would be best described as emotional, catchy alternative rock with harmonies to die for. The band released their debut single On My Stereo/Brave New World with a Dublin show in Radio City in November 2007. The single made it to number 6 in the Irish download charts and both songs won awards on GarageBand.com, such as three times best female vocalist (On My Stereo) and Track of the Day twice(Brave New World). The band have previously appeared in Hotpress, and supported such well - known irish acts as The Thrills, National Prayer Breakfast, Blink and Turn. The band have also had a great listener response from airplay on Dublin station Phantom fm making their charts twice.


translucent hero

Written By: japanese toys

a star on a roll of film with serrated edges. a look of an icey stare, the villan plays the part. a banquet of girlish smiles, the peoples hero crys. the set covered with wings and wands, the backround banner burns.

and i believe they live it all.

watch the reel spill off, we're out of tape. what do i care?

anchored emotion for real this movie has no end. the power to move and touch, but you mess it up. the birth of another hit, you'll make your millions with. the sob of a lost hero, it's just an oversight.

so close

Written By: japanese toys

the sun shines on your house, everything you own is grey.
inside it's pitiful, emptiness is what you crave.

did i wake you up?
did i get you out of your hole?

your stare insatiable, i can only look away. the line upon your brow, deeper when you hear me say.

did i wake you up?
did i get you out of your hole?

let me find what i've been waiting for. so close, don't blow it.
you understand me, but you still want more. don't think you know me.

i guess the skeletons in your closet keep you sane. the door swings open wide, no one can deny your pain.


Single - On My Stereo/Brave New World released November 2007. Currently finishing album for release in 2009.

Set List

On My Stereo
Plastic Theatre
So Close
Translucent Hero
*Cover of 'What is Love'
Brave New World
Don't Feed Me To The Lions

Sets generally vary from 8 to 12 songs depending on time limit.