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Made to mangle your senses and rip out your soul, in the nicest way possible, opener 'Dumb' takes major influence from the likes of Queen Adreena and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's a furious rock-out with angst-ridden lyrics and serious rock club dancefloor potential. The guitars build and build towards a massive crescendo of pure and beautiful noise that harks back to the best in mid-90s alt rock. There's no band in the country right now as quirky, or as cool - your morbid curiosity will be pricked.

'X-Ray Ted' blends spacey guitar elements, grunge-infected beats and My Bloody Valentine-esque distortion. Be careful, this might just claw your face off. Just in case you haven't got the picture yet, this music is deliciously vitriolic and it hits hard in all the right places.

The final track on this delightful debut is 'You're So Cool' and on it moody, epic guitars a la The Pixies (via Queens Of The Stone Age) crash against blistering punk drums and Romily Alice's schizophrenic vocals. This is definitely the disc's standout tune and it's this kind of material that will no doubt incite riots at festivals, piss parents off and turn these guys into one of Britain's most popular alternative acts in the very near future. - Click Music

One of the oft-forgotten facts about 90s grunge is that quite a lot of the bands involved weren't actually any good [presumably you're talking about the wave that came in the latter half of that decade? - ed], and alternative indie is far better off these days, thank you very much. No one seems to have told Japanese Voyeurs though, who have managed to embrace the ideal of grunge without being chained to its cliches. Phenomenal opener Dumb is not afraid of big fat mosh-pit invoking riffs which is coralled and broken in service of a 'song' that nonchalantly sneers at melody. Elsewhere, on X-Ray Ted and the caustic You're So Cool, sugar-candy flavoured (if somewhat derranged) female vocals happily straddle monster riffs of QOTSA/Bleach-era Nirvana proportions. Tasty. - The Skinny



'Dumb' played by Radio 1, Kerrang Radio and playlist by XFM. Band booked for XFM Evening Session.

Video appeared on Kerrang, NME TV and Scuzz.

Features in The Fly magazine and Artrocker. Support confirmed for next release on MTV2, play on XFM and Radio 1 and press in Kerrang!, Rocksound tips for 2010 compilation and feature, NME and Metal Hammer.



Hello world.

We're Japanese Voyeurs . We enjoy spitting and cursing and days in the park. Don’t forget to do your homework kids. And eat your greens. And don’t stay up late. Or you’ll end up like us...

Loud music can solve all of your problems. Who needs therapy when you’ve got escapism? In a culture saturated with phony piety we want to get down to the rotting core of things. So what you feel like shit and everyone hates you? We say blame it on your parents and come party with us.

We write songs about infantile fantasies, crushing disappointments and sexual repression – actually, all kinds of repression. We’re repressed. We’re trying to get unrepressed. Or undressed. Either is fine, really. Our writing method is pretty simple; if it feels right, we put it in the song. Maybe that’s why some people say it sounds like vomit…

We don’t really know much at all about music in a technical sense; key changes and time signatures are a bit baffling. It would be nice to sound like At the Drive-In but that’s like a glimmer on the horizon. Of Mars. For now its power chords and psychotic guitar riffs, lots of screaming mixed with lots of melodies. You see we’re really pissed off but also pretty scared. Like an angry baby.

Writing about yourselves is always excruciating but it seems in this case to be unavoidable. We’d like to think that coming to our show could be like that change scene in "American Werewolf in London" on all fours in your living room cursing at the moon whilst your humanity is stripped away from you. Yikes, that’s a bit much. Then maybe like watching 5 feral children dosed up on Gluey Porch Treatments lamenting that they weren’t born 20 years earlier.

So, if you like...
Bram stoker
Swamp thing
Come to our show

But, if you like...
Club anthems
Heat magazine
Hannah Montana
Cream tea
Don’t bother

Listen to - The Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth, Slipknot, The Birthday Party, The Mars Volta, Hot Snakes, Nirvana, Kyuss, Green River, Babes In Toyland, Tool, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Cold, Big Black, Down, The Melvins.
Watch - Buffalo 66, The Thing, Ghostbusters, Labyrinth, Fanny & Alexander, White Wedding, Danger Mouse.
Read - Tank Girl, Crime and Punishment, Siri Hustvedt, 1000 Leagues Under The Sea, The Gormenghast Trilogy, Nuts Magazine.