Jaque Faye

Jaque Faye

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Jaque Faye is a rootsy pop artist with a completely original vocal sound. Her sound has been compared to Fleetwood Mac, Annie Lennox and Linda Rondstadt.


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Written By: Jaque Faye

You looked so splendid there
like a man should stand
fiercely elegant
like a man should stand

and the way you talked
the way you walked
And I can't stop playing these moments
in my mind...

Chorus 1

That night we danced for the first time
And you kept your distance
And gave me mine

And somewhere in that lovely dance
You pulled me close with such honest hands
That we forgot about the world for a while


So Let me be your sweet angel
For tonight
For tonight

Let me be the one you think of
For tonight
For tonight


I don’t know where this is going
But I know if feels just right
Caus in your face there is a freedom
And my heart is open wide


Jaque Faye: EP
Various demos
"That's What a Man's Supposed to Be" currently in rotation on Lightning 100, Nashville, TN

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