Jaquie Gipson

Jaquie Gipson


I play six and twelve string acoustic guitar. My music incorporates melodic two hand tapping and percussion techniques into more or less traditional fingerstyle playing.


"Music is what feelings sound like."
-- Unknown

I began playing the guitar at the age of 14. My first real guitar was a Fender Mustang (Yes, I still have it). I played rhythm guitar in a small garage band and also in the High School Stage Band.
It was when I was in college that I first heard of Leo Kottke and his amazing guitar playing. It changed the way I thought guitars were played. I put the electric guitar down and picked up the acoustic. I listened to dozens of guitarists, both acoustic and electric. They have all influenced my playing in one way or another.
In 1997 I recorded my first CD "Just Guitar". "Hometown" followed in 2000 and my latest CD "Images" was released in 2004. All 3 CDs incorporate traditional fingerstyle along with a double tapping technique, and all songs are original compositions.
For me, music creates images. Each of my songs create their own image for me spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. These range from a mother’s fondest memories of her children she once held as they are about to graduate from High School to the hope and agony of soldiers on a battlefield long silent but forever remembered. Many of my compositions are inspired by and reflect the Southern Colorado landscape from the snow capped mountains to the mesas and canyons; this is the environment in which I live. Other songs begin with experiences, emotions, memories and the people I meet along life’s journey. As my songs develop, they seem to take on a life of their own, coming from and going to places over which I seem to have no direct control. It is as though my guitar is but the voice of a greater power. It is my hope that my music will help renew your spirit of wonder and create your own images to the music of life.

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."
--Leopold Stokowski


Just Guitar 1997
Hometown 2000
Images 2004

Radio Airplay or Digital Downloads
Shine On
My Son
Autumn's Song
Train to Trinidaddio

Set List

50 minute set or first set of 2 hour concert
Storm Watch
Train to Trinidaddio
Lizard Rock
Swamp Boat Boogie
Deep Hole

Second set of 2 hour concert (after a short break)
Autumn's Song
Rivers and Rapids
Whale Watch
Steppin' Out
Ladies Night Out
Buffalo Song