BandHip Hop

We Bring that God aspect music to HipHop,from mental poverty,spirituality, economics and the not enough soul epidemic..J.A.R....."Pulpited & Street Fitted.


J.A.R. describes themselves as active mentally, strong and humble. These three attributes can be heard and seen in their positive lyrics.They lists LL Cool J,Hammer, Mos Def, KRS, Run DMC,Pac,Big,Jay Z,Outkast,P.E. and Rakim as some of his “rap-inspirations”. Rajkar’s style has evolved over the years; however, one thing had remained the constant. Their lyrics have always caused listeners to think in depth. “Midwest Living in the South” Goal: “Working solely for the love of HipHop”.


The single 'I Just' can be heard on 365.com holy hiphohp radio.....

Set List

1.'4 Us' 2.'I just' 3.'Not Prepared'4.'Holy ghost party'
Generally 20-30min.Flexible...