Ja'Rahn Leveston

Ja'Rahn Leveston

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Musician from Milwaukee, WI looking to change the world.
Hip-hop, pop rock, love life don't stop.


Ja'Rahn Leveston (born September 19, 1985), is a singer, rapper, record producer and composer, born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Ja'Rahn and long time production partner Stasia Carson make up the record production duo The Beatnocs, producing pop, hip hop and R&B music. In 2006 he released Ja'Rahn Leveston and Stasia Carson Present...The Coming, a compilation of original recordings by various underground artists, which he and Carson produced.

His latest projects are the first of their kind from Ja'Rahn, debuting his homegrown Mid-Western rap style over a diverse and refreshing mixture of industry and original compositions including original writings and production by Ja'Rahn. With influences that range from Kanye West and Pharrell Williams to John Mayer and The Strokes, Ja'Rahn's music brings a flare and freshness likely heard by few before him, certain to please many upon his arrival.

Ja'Rahn's latest project, "No Church In A While | A Mixtape by Ja'Rahn Leveston" is sure to stimulate music fans far beyond the boundaries of conventional rap music as we know it. Ja'Rahn Leveston's music is a celebration of quarter-life weekend worriers, culminating under one sound, where hip-hop meets indie pop, R&B and electronica, all before coming full circle. You've been cordially invited. Enjoy.


No Church In A While February 2012
"The Young (Set The World On World On Fire) W/ Fun."
"All For The Love"

The Logic November 2011
"Sun Up, Sun Down"

We Own The Night July 2011
"State of Shock W/ MGMT"