Jaramar’s work is a very personal, unique musical project that strives for a contemporary sound in continuous transformation. Her repertoire, composed of songs created 800 years ago, songs that come from the Mexican tradition and of her own compositions, reflects this eclectic spirit.


“I have always sung to life and love and in doing so, I have also sung to death, absence… and loss, because that part of me that aspires to touch the luminous, coexists daily with darkness.
There are those who say that love and passion will carry us ultimately to death, that the flood that they unleash will drag us without redemption. The intense struggle between the fear of loss and pain and the unstoppable impulse to plunge, to take a leap and take risks because that is what life is for, have always been at the heart of my singing, also as a constant impulse. And always with the abstract presence of death at one side, as a quiet, yet familiar companion.
All this is Diluvio (Flood): songs of love and absence, of longing for what has collapsed, of joy for what we have and that perhaps will not linger, of courage and daring because it is necessary to fight for that space of light that, brief as it may be, is there for us to make it ours. Life and death embraced”.

Along the course of her career, Jaramar’s music has fed on tradition, scrutinizing it to assimilate it and reshaping it to produce a very personal artistic expression. DILUVIO (FLOOD), Jaramar’s 2008 recording project, takes a big leap in her musical exploration. Breaking time and genre boundaries as has been her habit, in this album she plunges into the past and works with a repertoire that goes from anonymous songs from the 13th century to her own compositions in which she explores her obsessions: life, passion, love and death. With the help of her bandmates, she plays with this prime material as if it was plastiline and transforms it with a new voice and a sound that goes from intense and energetic to sweet and deep in a musical search more experimental and risky than that of her previous albums.

Jaramar’s present sound in DILUVIO as well as in live performances has been achieved with the collaboration of the members of her band: Luis Javier Ochoa (guitars), Luis Eduardo Arreola (bass) y Diego Escobar (drums and percussion).

DILUVIO is a product of the Mexican label Discos Intolerancia with the artistic production of Gerry Rosado, the label director, who was also a key element in the achievent of the sound . It has also been conceived as a beautiful art object with the participation of Alberto Castro Leñero, Mexican artist invited to create its visual image.

Some of the main theatres (1998-2007):

Palacio de Bellas Artes, México City.
Teatro Degollado, Guadalajara
Teatro de la Ciudad de México, Mexico City.
Teatro Diana, Guadalajara, México
Sala Nezahualcóyotl, México City.
Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, México City.
Sala Miguel Covarrubias, Centro Cultural Universitario, México City.
Sala Blas Galindo and Teatro de las Artes, Centro Nacional de las Artes, México City.
Teatro Ángela Peralta, Mazatlán, México
Teatro Juárez, Guanajuato, México
Teatro Ocampo, Morelia, México
Teatro La Paz, San Luis Potosí, México
Teatro Rosas Moreno, Lagos de Moreno, México
Teatro Hermanos Domínguez, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México
Teatro de la República, Querétaro, México
Teatro Politécnico, Quito, Ecuador
National Gallery, Ottawa, Canadá
Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Chicago
El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, California
John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, California
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
Kultur in der Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, Germany
Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Bremen, Germany
Laboratorium, Stuttgart, Germany
Moods im Schiffbau, Zurich, Switzerland
Musis Sacrum, Arnhem, Netherlands
Théâtre Municipal, Bastia, Corse, France
KIT Tropentheater, Amsterdam, Netherlands
De Doelen , Rotterdam, Netherlands
RASA Wereldcuturencentrum, Utrecht, Netherlands
Chassé Theater, Breda, Netherlands
Thalia Theater, Ijmuiden, Netherlands
Expo-Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
Théâtre Municipal, Bastia, Corse, France
Palais de la Musique, Marseille, France
Théátre Toursky, Marseille, France
Oosterpoort, Groningen, Netherlands
Schowburg Odeon, Zwolle, Netherlands
Grote Aula Maria Theresiacollege, Leuven, Belgium
Cultuur Centrum Asse, Asse, Belgium
Cultureel Centrum Leopoldsburg, Leopoldsburg, Belgium
Club Pata Negra, Bruselas, Belgium
Schouwburg CC Zwaneberg, Heist op den Berg, Belgium


As solo artist:

"Entre la Pena y el Gozo", (1993, Opción Sónica)
"Fingir que Duermo", (1995, Opción Sónica)
"Si Yo Nunca Muriera", (1996, Opción Sónica)
“Lenguas”, (1998, Opción Sónica)
“A Flor de Tierra” (2000, Opción Sónica)
“Nadie creerá el incendio”, (2002, Opción Sónica)
“Travesía 1992-2002”, una compilación, (2003, Fugazi Records)
“Duerme por la noche oscura”, (2004, Fondo de Cultura Económica)
“Que mis labios te nombren”, (2006, Producciones La Luna)
"Diluvio", (2008, Intolerancia)

Some compilations in which she has been included:
“Mexican Divas 1” (Opción Sónica)
“Mexican Divas 2” (Opción Sónica)
“Mexican Divas 3” (Opción Sónica)
“A Native American Odyssey” (Putumayo Records)
“Musica Celestia Sampler 2” (Musica Celestia)
“Storm the Palace” (Palace of Worms Records)
Soundtrack de la película española/mexicana “Volverás” (EMI)

Recordings as a member of other groups:
“Hermano de la muerte”, Grupo Escalón
“Escalón”, Grupo Escalón
“Canciones y danzas de la edad media y del renacimiento”, Grupo Ars Antiqua
“Tempus est iocundum”, Grupo Ars Antiqua

Some recordings as guest singer:
“Duda Mata” de José Fors y Carlos Sánchez Gutiérrez.
“Fórseps 2” de José Fors
“El Mitote” de Arturo Cipriano
“El Personal” con el grupo de Guadalajara El Personal
“Cubanísimo” de Daniel Herrera y Los Legendarios de Cuba

Set List

(1 hr 30 mins., aprox., 1 single set, 16 songs):

Mandad ei comigo (Martin Codax)
Todos los bienes del mundo (Juan del Enzina)
La lavandeira (Traditonal)
Quantas sabedes amar (Martin Codax)
Si la noche (Traditional)
No acabarán mis flores (Nezahualcóyotl /Alfredo Sánchez)
La pastora (Tradicional)
La noche (Jaramar Soto)
La Ixhuateca (Traditional)
La última palabra (Traditional)
Río profundo (Jaramar Soto)
Flor triste (Victor Cordero)
Diluvio (Jaramar Soto)
Mar adentro (Jaramar Soto)
Qu’es de ti desconsolado (Juan del Enzina)
Anda Jaleo (Traditional)
Morito Pititón (Traditional)