Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell

 Binghamton, New York, USA

New York based singer-songwriter with exquisite melodies, memorable hooks and intelligent lyrics. In short: a top-notch songwriter and spirited performer.


Most people that drive through rainy and foggy conditions will grab the steering wheel tightly and concentrate on safely reaching their destination. For upstate New York based singer/songwriter Jared Campbell, a recent drive home in such conditions was the inspiration for his new album, Beyond The Gray. That’s not to say Campbell didn’t grip the wheel as he strained to see more than five feet ahead of him, but he realized that the weather that night was symbolic of his journey as an artist. The white line was the only thing guiding Campbell, and he likened that line to the values of family, faith and interest in life that were guiding him when he didn’t know for sure what his future in music was.

“Beyond The Gray” became the new album’s title track, and the perfect symbol for the last few years of Campbell’s career, which were trying as he has changed management more than once. But Campbell’s faith in God, as well as the support of his wife Meridee, family and friends, kept him inside those “white highway lines.” The result is a set of music that is Campbell’s strongest and most powerful to date.

Beyond The Gray features all of the stylistic sides that make up Campbell as an artist– from straight up pop/rock tunes such as “Maybe With Me” and “Memories” to an infectious dance groove in “Teach Me to Love,” or a playful side in “Music Man” (which features Campbell on ukulele) to his softer, more sensitive side in “My Queen”, a song written for his mother. “This was the first time in my career that I felt I finally had the say in what was going into every nuance of every song on the record,” says Campbell. “I went in the studio with a clear vision for each song and how I wanted them to translate to my audience.”

And powerful as it is, Beyond The Gray does have history to live up to. When Campbell released Rest Out in 2004, he did so to a sold out Forum Theater in Binghamton (capacity 1500). A subsequent live CD and DVD set, Anderson and I, was recorded and released in 2005 to 1,200 adoring fans. In all, Campbell has sold over 18,000 units, all without the support of a record label. He was hand picked by the editors of Billboard to perform in the Disc Makers Independent Music World Series, and his music has appeared on shows such as MTV’s “Real World” and “Road Rules.” Campbell has shared the stage with the likes of Gavin DeGraw, Jason Mraz, Collective Soul and Hootie & The Blowfish.

For the release of Beyond The Gray, Campbell is celebrating on November 28 back at the Forum Theater. “This is my favorite venue to play in my hometown,” he beams. “I dreamed of playing that stage from a child, and having the chance to return is a thrill for me. I hope to see all the familiar faces there that helped shape my career from the start.”

In addition to performing in clubs and on campuses nationwide, Campbell is moving forward with “The Blue Project,” an interactive live show presented to students to teach them more about the power of songs and about the music business in general.

Jared Campbell’s career has had its ups and downs, but he’s always had a passion to be known for and to meet others through his music. And if Campbell can grab control of the wheel again, and continue to make music for a living, he will have achieved success.

“My main focus,” he says, “has been allowing my music to impact the lives of listeners by experiencing joy, finding comfort through pain, and looking past obstacles toward living a better life.”


Written On Your Face

Written By: Jared Campbell

Today I opened up my eyes and looked into yours
To see the treasures I could find that I've never seen before
Cause you possess a story line and you're longing to be read
And hidden deep within your eyes is the life that you have lead
There's a way that you speak to me without saying a word
And your song owns a melody that I have never heard
There's a light in your smile that's leading the way
And all the dreams that you're chasing are written on your face
(verse 2)
I see this life in front of me
a story in a soul
The perfect opportunity to take the time to know
Appreciate the little things that make you who you are
Uncover all the mystery that's hiding in your heart
And everytime I see your face it reminds me of the choice to make to open up my heart
And listen to the tails you tell of all the places that you've dwelled that makes you who you are
Cause I know you've seen a thousand things and I know you've dreamed a thousand dreams and this is only the start
To this road of understanding, this knowledge that I'm lacking, this life I hold in regard

Worth The Wait

Written By: Jared Campbell

Struck me down with your beauty
your eyes they shot right through me
and it only took one look to know that
this is what I need
I was captured
mesmerized and raptured
to a place here in the future
with you and I livin' out our dreams

and even though I had to wait a while
all those years just seemed like seconds
when I finally saw that smile again
Oh girl, well you know it's worth the wait
when you finally find the one that's meant for you
No one has ever made me feel this way and if I had to I would wait my whole life through
just to be with you

it's a classic story
blue eyed boy meets a brown eyed girl in all her glory
and oh it's the sweetest thing
when God can put two people in each others way
like He did for you and me

Even though we had to wait a while
oh I wouldn't trade one second for this heaven we're in now


My Queen

Written By: Jared Campbell

In my youth I looked at you
as the queen of our castle
seated on the throne
with a sword you spoke the truth
with a shield you brought comfort
like I've never known
and your kingdom shall reign
forever and a day
and in my heart you'll remain this way
because you, you've watched over your princes
and you, you've taken care of your king
if there's anything that I can do to take care of you
would you tell me, my queen

In the walls of our castle
you strengthened our weakness
you turned princes into knights
when the roads that we traveled
lead us into darkness
you remained our light
and your kingdom shall reign
forever and a day
and in my heart you'll remain this way

like a rose held high
protected by the thorns
we were yours

Music Man

Written By: Jared Campbell

I said I, I got a piece of paper today
it says that I'm clear to play
on the corner to make my wage
cause you know my rent is due
in about a day or two
and I was wonderin' what I could do
just to try to make it through
another day
I will play my songs
If you like just sing along
cause you know it goes a little something like this
out here it's hit or miss
drop a buck and make a wish
well it's the least that you could do
as I sing my song to you

I see the people passin' by
and they're all dressed so nice
well they got that name brand style
you think they'd have some change to spare
for a lonely guy out there
in a world that doesn't care
about the music that he shares
but it's alright

Well charlie plays the fiddle
you know he puts me in a trance
and Johnny's on the bongos
while Mary does her dance
I got my guitar case wide open
just like an outstretched hand
cause I was merely hopin'
that you could spare some change for this music man

In Your Heart

Written By: Jared Campbell

In your room
in the night
there you rest
and you think of me
and the moon
in the sky
runs along and falls into the sea

and you know that I am here
even though I am gone
so you don't have to fear
of being alone

I am in the moonlight
I am in the stars
I am in your heart

As you stare
through the pain
I am there
dancing in the rain
as it falls
to the ground
you just smile
and you think of me

and you know that I am here
even though I am gone
so you don't have to fear
of being alone

I am in the moonlight
I am in the stars
I am in your heart
I am in the sunlight
I am in the dawn
I am in your heart
I am in your visions
I am in your dreams
I am in your heart


- Where It All Begins (August 2003) - Studio EP
- Waterfront (May 2004) - Live EP
- MTV Books “Lit Riffs” Soundtrack (June 2004) - Studio recording of The Foo Fighter’s “Everlong”
- Rest Out (November 2004)- Studio LP
- Rest Out (Re-released with new track, re-mixed and re-mastered: September 2005)- Studio LP
- Anderson and I (November 2005) – Live CD
- Anderson and I (November 2005) – Live DVD
- Beyond The Gray (November 2008) - Studio LP
- Live at Funk N Waffles (August 2010) - Live LP
- Amazing Grace (April 2012) - Studio LP

Set List

Up to 3 hours of music, including originals from Jared's own recordings and cover songs including selections from U2, Cold Play, Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Martin Sexton and many others.

Jared Campbell feels at home in any venue, whether it be an 18,000 seat amphitheatre, a high school auditorium, or a local coffeehouse. Jared averages over 200 shows a year at prestigious venues across the Northeast including:

• Princeton University (NJ)
• Wilkes University (PA)
• Union College (NY)
• LeMoyne College (NY)
• Cedar Crest College (PA)
• West Chester University (PA)
• SUNY Geneseo (NY)
• Clarkson University (NY)
• Bloomsburg University (PA)
• Luzerne Community College (PA)
• New Haven University (CT)
• Lebanon Valley College (PA)
• Salve Regina University (RI)
• Keuka College (NY)
• Orange County College (NY)
• Cedarville University (OH)
• Williams College (MA)
• Ithaca College (NY)
• SUNY Binghamton (NY)
• Elizabethtown College (PA)