Jared Fiske

Jared Fiske


The music of Jared Fiske is stripped. Minimalism serves him well with songs that are at their core a voice and a guitar. Intricate finger-style interspersed with rock solid rhythm guitar playing set the backdrop for Fiske's dynamic voice and singular style. This is great singer-songwriter music.


Jared Fiske grew up in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. He started singing as a kid, and he picked up a guitar when he was eleven. Fiske has nurtured a deep love for music, and from a young age it's the only profession he has seriously considered.
Some formative groups include The Worldwide Dryer Company, The Beta Constriction, The Jared Fiske Trio (aka Fiske Hill), and the wedding band New England Weather (with whom Fiske still performs). Throughout college, Fiske supported himself playing in bars and restaurants, but now has turned his attentions to honing his own particular brand of acoustic music.


Jared Fiske - Flood the Foundation (2003)
Jared Fiske - The Frog King (in production)

Set List

I can play about two hours worth of my own material. If i can include covers, I can play for over five. Cover material covers a broad range from Dave Matthew's to James Taylor, David Bowie to Jackson Brown.