Jared LoStracco

Jared LoStracco


2005 Los Angeles Music Award Winner. Jared LoStracco is the best of what Indie Music has to offer. He has opened for multiple headlining artists, inlcuding Toby Keith and Josh Turner.


Growing up in east Texas, Jared LoStracco picked up is love for music listening to his father`s country records. In high school, LoStracco learned to play the guitar from his older brother and quickly started playing his favorites songs from Texas artists such as Willie Nelson and Pat Green.

LoStracco started writing songs while attending the United States Naval Academy and played those songs and others for friends on campus and in local bars. Here, LoStracco also began incorporating folk and contemporay musical styles along with his country roots. Before long, LoStracco developed a unique sound that can find a home in nearly everyone`s music collection.


We Don't Have To Walk Alone

Written By: Jared LoStracco

Well, There's wild flowers blooming On the hill side again.
Together we'll walk through them
Both our hearts on the mend.
I know you can see,
All the pain that I've been through.
And I'll return the favor because I can see inside your soul too.

Don't you worry about the past.
You don't have to go down that road.
There's something here that's meant to last.
And baby, We don't have to walk alone.

Let's head down to the ocean,
And we'll walk along the sand.
You can tell me how much you love me,
And I'll just smile and squeeze your hand.
We can wade into the water
Maybe go for a swim.
There'll be lots of love and laughter,
And we'll be happy once again.

Chorus (X2)


"When Country Was Cool" - 2005

"Angel" - 2005 Country Single of The Year - Los Angeles Music Awards

Set List

Jared has over 25 original songs, ranging from Country to Americana. He often can be found play accoustic at many local hot spots in Corpus Christi, TX (his current place of residence), here he plays through a list of over 100 cover tunes of all genres (available upon request).