Jared Malmfeldt

Jared Malmfeldt



Tales of woe and dismay driven by manic, melancholic guitar riffs, boldly contrasted by twisted sentiments of love and simple folk ballads all spun with well-crafted lyrics the likes of which have not been heard since Bob Dylan’s Greenwich Village days. Jared Malmfeldt creates musical landscapes that leave the listener begging for more in a patchwork of emotions.

Influenced heavily by the beat movement of the early sixties, Malmfeldt credits Bob Dylan and Nick Drake for the person he is today, although his music is colored by shades of Joni Mitchell, Jeff Buckley and The Beatles. In concert the 24 year-old hammers out songs on guitar and harmonica with unbridled ease. His live shows are punctuated by hilarious, sometimes overly-personal anecdotes and insights into his songs. Although reclusive at times, the eclectic songwriter is quickly making a name for himself playing some of the most highly regarded festivals and venues in the Midwest and splitting time between Chicago and New York.

With the enthusiasm and passion for the craft of songwriting that radiates from him, Jared Malmfeldt is proving to be one of the forerunners of the current acoustic scene and is poised to become one of the leading figures of the genre. Every day he continues to raise the bar for himself and there is no signs of slowing down for this prolific, young songwriter.



Written By: Jared Malmfeldt

What will I tell you in the morning, girl
When your nightmares have all come true
And every thought that you tried to neglect
Begins to trouble you

What will you do when your man finds out
Why he's alone during the witching hours' reign
Upon the clock that you hung together
Next to your sense of shame

Will you be chained
To a life of reason
By the one who feeds it

How can you tell what he is feeling
Does he whisper soft and true
Tell you things when you're cold and tired
Words like yes and no and me and you

How can you tell when he is bleeding
He's inhuman, carved out of clay
Does he buy your forgiveness, darling
And then stumble over his own name


What's been done will be done again
Anyway, didn't you have fun
What's been said can be taken any way
And be said by anyone

And now it's known that I've mistreated you
Is it upsetting to know I know your tricks
Can I see you in a week or two
When you and him have worked through this

Sweet Josephine

Written By: Jared Malmfeldt

I look out at my world
To what seems to be a dream
And I question my existence
Am I a product of the machine
And I hear my answer calling
So heavenly pristine
Somewheres off in the distance
My sweet Josephine

I gaze in her direction
Through empty, dying eyes
She fills me with her universe
And makes me realise
Although her tongue it speaks like fire
Profound and yet obscene
She knows too much to wonder
Sweet Josephine

She tells me she's been lookin'
For a place to call her own
As I too am searching aimlessly
For somewhere that I call home
And 'though my song is deafly muffled
By these penetrating screams
My heart cries out so loudly
For sweet Josephine

Through the night the souls lay shattered
In a town they built from pain
And in the morning they will wake up
To find it's still pouring rain
No, I can't remember all too well
Just where I have been
But I know I will wake up
Next to sweet Josephine

Stepping Stones Of High Society

Written By: Jared Malmfeldt

Hey, look out yonder
O'er the wind-twisted waters
To a town that has just been claimed
Look see the sorrow wrought down upon the town
By the hurricanes yet to be named
Still had a better day than I

Come heed the hungry
Young broken hearts a-bleedin'
Just begging with their blood-shot eyes
Curse the strung-out movie star, the over-loaded rail car
And the death that they advertise
Still had a better day than I

Spare a lonesome breadcrumb
For the starving mouths not feeding
In the dawn of a nuclear morn
They've neglected all the animals and are running from the cannibals
Worthlessly forlorn
Still had a better day than I

And one day I'll be gone
For a long, long, long time
Set my pace for the Eastern winds
And leave no feeble footprints behind

But then a light comes shining
Much brighter than the dying
And wraps me in a soft, tranquil haze
Yes, she tends to fill my cup
Always more than halfway up
A lost, lonesome stranger void of place
And I release a deafening sigh

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Can provide hours of original material as well as numerous covers.