Jared Mees & The Grown Children

Jared Mees & The Grown Children

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Fun, lyrics driven epic, sing-a-long, dancey co-ed folk rock in the vein of Cake, Paul Simon, Arcade Fire and Bright Eyes. Music that can be both somber and ecstatic at the same time. Live shows often end with the band in the crowd and always "exude a tone of child-like optimism" - NPR


The brainchild of songwriter/composer/arranger/screenprinter Jared Mees, “The Grown Children” are the catchall name for the current amalgamation of players collaborating with Mees on recordings or on stage. Mees’ first solo effort “If You Wanna Swim w/ the Sharks” was named one of the best albums of 2007 by Willamette Week and called “fucking fantastic” by current Willamette Week Music Director Casey Jarman.

The first incarnation of the Grown Children was borne of a Panamanian Island, where Mees, his wife (and Tender Loving Empire co founder) Brianne and 2 friends wrote the bulk of the songs that would eventually become “Sharks...” After recording Sharks in L.A. and moving to Portland Mees embarked upon 2007’s ill fated and aptly named No A/C tour, with the members of Finn Riggins playing many of Mees’ songs.

Since then many friends have joined the Grown Children Family, and while the constant lineup changes and improvised, infrequent rehearsals would cause many bands to suffer, they have become the vitality of the Grown Children, giving live shows a devil-may-care energy and keeping the recordings on the new album Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money dynamic, vibrant and honest.


2011 (May) Brand new album on Tender Loving Empire
2008-(September) "Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money" (Tender Loving Empire
2008-(July) Split EP w/ Super XX Man of Remixes (Tender Loving Empire)
2008- Friends and Friends of Friends Comp (Tender Loving Empire)
2007- If You Wanna Swim with the Sharks..(Tender Loving Empire)
Pop Tomorrow Compilation(Tender Loving Empire) Failing Records Compilation #4(Failing Records) Mastan Music Hour Episode 28 (hosted by Jeremy Wilson of The Dharma Bums)

Set List

A typical Set is about 30-40 minutes but we have an hour and a half's worth of material...plus a cover or two.

Things are generally pretty crowded and/or rawkus so the more space the better...

Songs I know:
suicide squeeze
him her you me
cockleburrs & hay
moonlight & timing
panama anthem
live fiction
sodom & glendora
working & drinking
the strange demise of jerome nobles
its in the way (come clean)
julai throwback
in the fall
excellent time
strong black coffee
wettin down the dirt
sunday lord
southwest colorado
el scorcho
aeroplane over the sea
luckiest guy on the lower east side
like a chicken with its head cut off
metal heart
nothing I can do about it now
It isn't what you're buying.