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The best kept secret in music



"The fun and energy Jared Strock brings to each performance, and his great rapport with the audience, makes it easy to overlook what a remarkable young talent he is vocally and on guitar. His ability to make the stage look as comfortable as old jeans is something some veteran musicians never achieve."

"One of Omaha's brightest new talents, this multi-faceted artist is both a brilliant performer and a laid-back, just-one-of-the-guys entertainer."

-Michael Campbell (owner of Mick's Music Bar, the best local music venue in Omaha, NE) - www.micksomaha.com

"Album Review"

From the organ infused, foot stomping opener to the rhythm, rock and blues laced (and seemingly Stevie Ray Vaughn channeled) closer 37, one thing is glaringly evident… Searching for Julie is anything but a freshman debut.

Jared Strock’s distinct, breathy, earnest vocals are not unlike the talents of a John Mayer with a pinch of Dave Matthews and a dash of Bryan Adams. Any comparisons though are futile once you’ve experienced the 100% pure, uncut intimate distinction that has been captured on this album.

Intricate, introspective and sometimes intense, this collection of songs trickle effortlessly into one another through a garden of sounds that bloom, fade and change like the seasons. The topics here are familiar: love lost, love discovered, and lovelorn; the common threads that resonate with anyone who’s ever dealt with love’s joy, pain, loss, fumble or anticipation, and Jared juggles these orb’s over a melodic landscape with effortless precision.

The opener, Backup Plan, sets the tone early with the kind of harmonic bliss that will have you humming, singing or tapping your foot along in unison with its driving energy.

After that we travel down a path that includes what could be the best song on the album: Disaster. This song is instantaneously infectious and easy to catch. Decidedly a bit more dark and shadowy, it’s a melancholic moody piece that ups the ante of what the album has to offer. You’ll be hitting “repeat” a lot on this one… I know I did.

Nothing after this song comes across as “filler” – every song has a purpose and a place. There’s the back to back rockers I’d Rather and title track Julie that are in that vein of the grandiose all-American pulsing road trip songs that plug along like miles going by cross country. They’re the kind of songs that turn an 8 hour trip into a 2 hour jaunt.

The humble and moving cello backed He Will Never Go and stripped bare Go Away subtly tug and tear at the heart and tear duct.

Other highlights include the bumping, sing along choruses of Way Too Slow and Just To Be Around You.

But, in the midst of the hook laden, easy on the ears audio candy, there is some wily musicianship going on that adds to the overall depth and power within. Check out the angry, crunchy guitar licks on What We Find or the fine acutely strummed notes on Disaster to discover the veteran talents hidden within.

Searching For Julie doesn’t come to kick down your door or sneak around through the back like a criminal. It walks up on your front porch and politely knocks. You open the door and welcome into your house and sound system of choice a long time neighbor or friend. You open up a bottle of good pinot noir and phone up some people to join you for an evening where everyone feels comfortable and compelled to stay for awhile, maybe even lingering till the sun comes up… - none

"Jared Strock CD-release party"

Mick's has been the launching pad for many local songwriters' carrers and Jared Strock is the most recent artist on the list. Compared to John Mayer, Dave Matthews and Ryan Adams, Strock's breathy and earnest vocals deal with the ever-popular topics of loves both discovered and lost. Strock's debut album, Searching for Julie, is laced with blues rock and crunchy guitar licks that will leave you hitting the repeat button.

-Nathan Leete - The Reader

"Searching for a new sound?"

Armed with an acoustic guitar, an album's worth of mature pop-rock songs and a handful of live performances under his belt, local musician Jared Strock is building a buzz.

One local club owner calls the 23-year-old singer-songwriter "one of Omaha's brightest new talents."

On Friday, Strock will light up the stage at Mick's Music & Bar, where he'll celebrate the release of his debut CD, "Searching for Julie."

Originally from Wyoming, Strock moved to Omaha about five years ago to attend Grace University. He began writing the bulk of his 11-song album two years ago.

"I didn't really have a specific sound in mind," he said of the CD. "There's a variety of musical styles. I think older people can appreciate it because it's intelligent. Younger people can appreciate it because of the things I write about."

Recorded in Omaha this past summer, "Searching for Julie" is about "searching for the right girl," said Strock, whose music takes its cues from such artists as John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Stevie Wonder and Dave Matthews.

After taking up guitar as a freshman in high school, Strock began channeling his emotions into music.

"Songwriting is a way to express myself," he said. "All the songs are kind of based on personal experiences."

Strock hopes to tour in support of "Searching for Julie" and is thrilled to finally unveil the CD at Friday's show. Joining him onstage will be a four-piece band featuring drums, bass, electric guitar and organ.

-Niz Proskocil, World-Herald Staff Writer

- Omaha World-Herald


Debut full length "Searching For Julie" now available for purchase at www.jaredstrock.com

3 Demo tracks are available for download at www.myspace.com/jaredstrock


Feeling a bit camera shy


Through the throngs of young singer-songwriters emerges Jared Strock. There is something distinctly likeable, instantly contagious, and tastefully simple about him and his music. Original and pure, unbridled talent gives the idea that this 23 year old is going to be doing this for a long while.

Jared has called Omaha home for the past 5 years, but still remains intimately connected to a ranch outside a small Wyoming town where he was born and raised. The down-to-earth, million dollar smile, boy next door shines through in Jared's music as well as his infectious personality. Strock's live show is a beautiful blend of musicianship, charisma, and talent. If you are lucky, you might even hear his jaw-dropping beatboxing skills that will make the rowdiest crowd drop silent.

The the debut release of Searching for Julie, Jared Strock enters the scene looking like a seasoned veteran. Since graduating college as a math teacher in 2006, Jared has effortlessly captured his songs about loving, losing, and moving on. Jared's blend of acoustic, pop, and fold rock holds a broad range of fans and listeners. His lyrics have been described as the shy, quiet kid in the corner supported by music that more fits the confident lady-killer with a turned up collar.

Jared is one artist you simply cannot miss. He may very well be one of the MidWest's best kept secrets. It seems this secret may not be hid much longer. The quiet kid in the corner has something to say...and we all better listen.

-Tyler McCarty