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Wilkes-Barre, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | AFM

Wilkes-Barre, PA | AFM
Established on Jan, 2012
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"The nostalgic feel of hip-hop yesteryears!"

Staten Island, New York native emcee Jared Xavier comes through with his sophomore project, Now or Never. The 14-track project includes feature such artist as Chris Fields, Mickey Factz, Source and others, with productions from Luke White, Shookone, Sango, Abjo and more.

The record contains the nostalgic feel of hip-hop yesteryears. The sample-heavy mixtape picks up steam about halfway into it, finishing as a well rounded tape worth listening to.

Give it a listen below. - hiphopomm.com

"Gotta be patient, it takes time for greatness!"

Staten Island native Jared Xavier dropped visuals for “Weather The Storm” the first single off of his project ‘Now Or Never,’ slated for release this spring, and it was an instant favorite of mine. He is back with another single to release from ‘NoN’ entitled “How It Goes”, and as a fan of electronic music this song was intriguing from the downbeat. The flume/hermitude-esque beat and sample are on point ,and are a wide open field for Xavier’s message of perseverance and the understanding that life is real and we need to roll with the punches to be successful: “Gotta be patient, it takes time for greatness, got no time for bullshit” - blogordie.net

"Highly personal with soulful undertones!"

Jared Xavier has been constantly putting in work since he first appeared on Word Is Bond. From working with Mickey Factz to dropping a video for the single ‘Weather The Storm‘ and releasing his first mixtape Now Or Never, the Staten Island emcee has been consistent with the quality of content he puts out. The message is clear and concise, highly personal with soulful undertones. - Thewordisbond.com

"Old school feel that is slowly making a comeback!"

Loving the feel on this track, the sample giving us that old school feel that is slowly making a comeback. With the help of lyricist Jared Xavier, Shook One created something beyond its time. Solid Track. - rawroots.com

"More New York heat!"

More New York heat as newcomer Insolent Envy grabs Jared Xavier for a chance to drop knowledge. The song is produced by Highrr Powr and allows Envy and Xavier to raise their bars and talk to you about smartening up. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think of this new one. - essntls.com

"Buzzworthy effort!"

A great full-length set from Jared Xavier, a Staten Island representing emcee who has been on my radar for a minute now, but whose music I’ve only recently had the time to get into. Over drum-heavy, but still very melodic, beats provided by talented roster of beatmakers, Jared Xavier lays down a myriad of solid rhymes that range from reflective and introspective (“Back & Forth”, “How It Goes”) to chest-out-proud braggadocio (“Weather The Storm”,“Kiss The Ring”). With the Now or Never mixtape, Jared Xavier gives hip hop fans a buzzworthy effort that will hopefully be a sign of big things to come in 2015. Standout tracks include the jazzy, D.J. Harrison produced intro cut “Kiss The Ring”, the wavy sound bender “All Good“, and the winner’s circle anthem “LV$H” (which, coincidentally, happens to be produced by a beatmaker by the name of ANTHM) - mightyburners.net

"In his own “Class”!"

I came across this song one day digging through the mountains of twitter spam on my @Mentions page. I’ve come to have a love and hate relationship with my twitter spam in recent years. But I have to admit, this is one tune that deserved a push of the Retweet button.

” tryna keep my lane straight on crooked roads”

Hailing from Staten Island, New York, Jared Xavier clearly delivers a brand of hip-hop that a fan with any appreciation for lyricism would not object to. If I was to compare Jared to a popular artist it would have to be Jay-Z. And not a Jay-Z of recent years; I would have to compare Jared to an early reasonable doubt Jay-Z. Especially in his video “Class” you can hear the inspiration in the third verse where he raps tongue twisting flows with a very early 90s Jay-Z-esque quality.

But it’s definitely not a “swagger jack” as the kids say. Jared brings uniqueness to the style and leverages the vintage flow as a tool that sets him apart from his peers. Furthermore, while he is smooth about it, his lyrics reveal the mindset of a rapper trying to elevate above his circumstances. Lines like “tryna keep my lane straight on crooked roads” and “only peace these n*ggaz see is when they eyes closed forever/livin life with they eyes closed forever” further separate him from the one-dimensional box most rappers are comfortable with.

”So we risin forward never plan to fall off/thats what im goin off for/no school cause we in our own class”

And not to overkill the Jay-Z comparison, but it was that same quality of adding an additional layer of depth to the image of a street hustler that made Jay-Z such a unique artist at that time. As a reasonable doubt fan I very much approve! - powdermynoise.com

"Dope Beat, dope samples, dope lyrics, dope flow!"

Dope Beat, dope samples, dope lyrics, dope flow. What else you want? HIP-HOP. Sometimes the inbox got some present surprises.

Produced by Luke White, Jarred Xavier does this thing over this beat. You know when you feel like you are weathering the storm? Then this song is for you. - ashesanddrinks.com

"Very soulful, an engaging body of work!"

Jared Xavier‘s full project drops in the wake of the release of the visuals to the single“weather the storm“, Now or Never is a 14 track body of work which boasts features from Mickey Factz, Chris Fields, Source, Franky Bells etc with production from Luke White, Shookone, Sango, Dj Harrison & others.
'Now or Never' is a Very soulful, an engaging body of work if you asked me. Well put together and executed. The popular tracks seem to be LV$H, How it goes, All good and Cut the card. Just don't take our word, take a listen for yourself and be sure to share your feedback with Jared Via his social media pages listed below. - urbansteez.com

"Definitely a great indie project!"

Staten Island’s Jared Xavier recently released a pretty solid sophomore project titled ‘Now or Never’, coming equipped with features from the likes of Mickey Factz and Chris Fields, as well as production from Sango, Luke White and Shookone. Definitely a great indie project to round out the end of 2014 and easily worth checking out after the jump. - boi-1da.net

"I’m really digging this one!"

HHH affiliate Jared Xavier keeps the ball rolling in 2015 with “LV$H.” The track also features a guest appearance from fellow up and comer Kevin Harrison. I’m really digging this one, Xavier spits quality verses over this drum driven instrumentation. It’s always good to hear music with a message and that’s exactly what Jared Xavier and Kevin Harrison deliver on this one. - hiphopherald.com

"Jared Xavier brings the heat!"

Together with producer Luke White, Staten Island native Jared Xavier brings the heat in his newest visual "Weather the Storm". This is one of many new songs which make up his next album Now or Never. This track has a great uplifting vibe to it, with excellent production. This track gives you an inside view of the direction Jared is trying to go with his music, and we are looking forward to more. - shookonemusic.com

"Overcoming obstacles with JARED XAVIER! (Interview)"

Staten Island rapper, Jared Xavier is in the process of working on his next mixtape 'Now Or Never' due to drop 30th September. His latest single “Weather the Storm” produced by Luke White, has smooth beats which are accompanied by an anthem that transcends a strong meaning to encourage others to overcome every impediment, an objective that he strongly stands by as means of inspiring others through his music.

We chat to Jared about his upcoming mixtape, Now Or Never, the current hip-hop scene in New York, and how he upholds resilience to every obstacle he faces. Ayla Dhyani writes.

You just released your new single “Weather the Storm,” noted to be a testament to overcoming every obstacle. Tell us what major personal obstacles you have faced and how you have upheld your resilience.

I go through a lot of obstacles when it comes to the music. Sometimes I lose confidence, I feel like I'm coming up with the wrong ideas and it might not work. But I believe that this is my destiny, so I have to just keep telling myself to keep going.

What are your thoughts on the current hip-hop scene in New York?

As far as the mainstream music goes, I feel like it is quite ‘dry’ because they're not representing the culture of New York rap. But as far as the underground scene goes, there is a lot of creativity and they have the ability to change the rap culture worldwide.

Who are your influences?

(Laughs) I’ll keep this short. I would have to say, Gangstarr, Kanye West, Nas, and most definitely Ghostface because he’s from Staten Island.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

Most definitely Common because he stands for what I stand for, and that is to inspire the people. He does it more directly than any other artist that I’ve heard.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my mixtape “Now or Never” and I feel like it’s going to be a very good project because I’ve put a lot of emotion into it.

You’ve been acknowledged for making your own path in music. What direction do you see yourself going?

To be honest, I don’t really know because I go through different situations in life and music is how I express myself.

What stimulates your soul?

I would say music that has soul in it. Whether it is from jazz, funk or just regular R&B because I feel like that’s my escape from reality. - Stimulateyoursoul.com

"chill vibe!"

Staten Island rapper, Jared Xavier recently dropped his Now or Never free mixtape. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the new video for “Twenty Grand.” Featuring Source, the laid-back track features some jazzy horn and trap drum production. The video mimics the track’s pathos. It features Jared Xavier and Source rapping in a few choice locations: under a bridge, on an elevator, and behind some houses. Inter-spliced with scenery and clips of driving over the Washington bridge, the video is the perfect visual accompaniment to “Twenty Grand” chill vibe. - survivingthegoldenage.com

"Jared Xavier balances many sounds!"

Staten Island emcee Jared Xavier balances many sounds on his ultimatum project, Now Or Never. New York City boom-bap is the obvious undertone that carries throughout the album, but other elements find their way under Jared Xavier’s rhymes. Mainly through beat selection, Now Or Never holds a nontraditional sound, or at least one that is not to be expected from an album laced with so many old-school, New York roots. As a rapper, Xavier gives listeners a look into his own world, never shying from his upbringing, shortcomings, dreams and so on. Now Or Never is as personal as it is outgoing, a project based on an emcee finding himself in the colorful world of hip-hop. - hiphopspeakeasy.com

"Headphone-ready jam!"

Right before we broke for the holidays, we in the DJBooth introduced y all to Jared Xavier with Weather the Storm, a video single that won a staggering 4.9-star average reader rating. If you spend your Christmas, Hanukkah and/or New Year finding for more new music from the Staten Island buzz maker, I’ve got good news: today, he returns with the freshly-minted follow-up, LV$H. On this headphone-ready jam, a dreamy, sampled beat by Booth regular ANTHM sets the mood as Xavier emphasizes his dedication to the hustle in laid-back, yet determined bars. - djbooth.net

"I doubt he’s gonna have any trouble!"

To survive in the competitive, often cutthroat world of music, you need the tenacity to persevere through bad times as well as good. Booth newcomer Jared Xavier? I doubt he’s gonna have any trouble. On his latest single, premiering on our front page in conjunction with Omar Jones‘s official visuals, the Staten Island rhyme sayer assures us that he’s dedicated enough to Weather the Storms that he’ll encounter on his way to the top. - djbooth.net



Jared Xavier Briggs (born September 1, 1990) is an American rapper from Wilkes-Barre, PA. He released his first mixtape “The Difference” in 2012, followed by his second mixtape “Now or Never” in 2014. In 2015, he released Side A of his "Dope is A New Drug" mixtape series and since, has released various collaborative singles, and music videos. Jared Xavier is also the owner of a creative lifestyle brand, Live To Inspire (LTI). 

    Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, Jared Xavier was immersed in the culture of music from birth. Whether it was listening to jazz music that his father would so often listen to on the radio or music he would come across while walking outside in Staten Island, Jared's passion for music was rapidly growing . As he became older, he found inspiration through different mediums. Family, friends, musical influences and life experiences have crafted Jared Xavier into the artist that he is today.   

    Jared’s first encounter with hip-hop was through a popular skateboarding game, Thrasher. Thrasher introduced him to ‘A Tribe Called Quest’, whose song, “Award Tour,” instantly became a favorite of Jared's. He then came across "The World is Yours" from Nas while playing Tony Hawk pro skater. These experiences led Jared on a journey to discover a whole world of hip-hop music that he had not previously known. Longing for more music, Jared quickly became a student of hip-hop. He began spending countless hours digging in record crates and studying old music. However, it was not until his cousin who used to rap, introduced him to De La soul and Wu-tang, that he truly began to appreciate music. Heavily influenced by Nas, Ghostface Killah, and Common, At the age of 15, Jared Xavier started producing beats and writing music. During High School, he met long time friend and fellow artist Danny a.k.a Source4prez. Danny's love for music rubbed off on Jared and the two took to GarageBand to create music. High school years were not the best for Jared as he had trouble concentrating on homework and found himself suspended the majority of the time.  Soon after high school, he enrolled in the audio engineering program at a nearby community college. After missing many classes and failing to make grades, he decided to drop out and find another route. It was not an easy decision to make for Jared as he found himself stressed and dealing with depression. It was not until a close friend who exposed him to another form of art, painting, that Jared Xavier once again felt inspired. Art and painting ignited a passion in him that would spill over into music again. It was this same friend along with others that encouraged Jared to create, to dream and pursue his dreams of making music.

    Today, Jared Xavier's music has been and continuous to be featured on popular hip-hop websites such as DJBooth.net, fashionably-early.com, audiomack.com, thewordisbond.com, boi-1da.net, survivingthegoldenage.com, bound2hiphop.com , bluntiq.com, and others. He's also been fortunate enough to collaborate with former XXL Freshmen of the year Mickey Factz on a single titled “Carry on”, as well as Open up for Mickey Fact’z Red or Blue Pill tour in Philadelphia. Jared has also performed in various well-known music venues in the New York City area such as BBKing Blues, The Pyramid, and The Nuyorican Poets Cafe.  

At the moment, Jared is strictly focusing on building a core fanbase by releasing music videos and monthly singles for his fans to enjoy.

To listen to Jared Xavier’s music please visit: Soundcloud.com/JaredXavier 

To reach Jared Xavier please contact: JXBNYMGMT@GMAIL.COM

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