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Saxophonist Jarez is no newcomer to the music scene, having released a couple of projects prior to this, his latest called On Top of the World, an album rich with presence and melody.

There is more to this 30-something young man than meets the eye. While his music is distinctly contemporary or smooth jazz with R&B influences, it is his mission that is most commendable. For example, he is pretty partial to incorporating the worlds of hip hop and jazz. Done before? Yes, but there is a uniqueness about the manner in which Jarez manages this. He targets young hip hop audiences and delivers his style of jazz to them as an introduction to the coolness of the genre. In fact, he is set to tour with hip hop rapper Coolio. I do like that approach.

This album is solidly packed with snappy, catchy hooks and melodies. In addition to a most appealing title track, he delivers on several other handsome originals, including the finger-poppin’ lead track “Can’t Let Go,” the slower get-in the-mood melodic charmer entitled “True Love,” and the equally ear-friendly “Feels So Right” with its polished horn arrangement.

As if his music were not reason enough to get into this artist, he also champions some great causes. For example, he’s served as a spokesperson for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change’s campaign (EJCC) which serves Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in an educational initiative regarding global warming.

His ability to expand his musical outreach to fans of all ages have included several appearances on “Cooking with Coolio” and ongoing management of various aspects of Coolio’s business operations…and he still finds time to produce such fine projects as his own latest release. Impressive? You bet.

All in all, On Top of the World is a wonderful endeavor worthy of much recognition.

Smooth Jazz Life – Smooth Jazz Life

Following the sizzling release of “On Top of the World,” R&B saxophonist Jarel Posey (AKA “Jarez”) will be touring in the States and overseas with hip hop music rapper Coolio.

Jarez’s tour dates are not the normal jazz venues and haunts you would expect either. He tours regularly on the hip hop scene, incorporating the smooth sounds of jazz into cutting edge beats. Jarez is perhaps one of the few jazz artists able to successfully blend the two diverse musical genres. In fact, for several years, Jarez toured with Coolio around the world, dazzling audiences unfamiliar with jazz with his playing skills and showmanship.

“Touring in over 30 countries, the experience was an unforgettable one,” explained Jarez. “Performing is one of the most satisfying experiences because I have a spiritual connection with the audience when I’m playing. To have them feel what I feel – well, it’s a divine connection. It is a double blessing and joy to be able to bring the gift of jazz to an audience not typically familiar with it, and yet have them embrace and welcome it.”

Just as his touring schedule challenges the public’s perception of jazz, “On Top of the World” marks a strategic release for this entrepreneurial artist. While the music itself appeals to a broad audience base, Jarez desires to unite the younger generation with jazz. By adding a splash of urban groove with luxurious melodies, Jarez paints a musical tapestry that is culturally rich and brazenly accessible. It is music that inspires change within the contemporary jazz landscape.

The saxophonist’s commitment to America’s future includes having served as a spokesperson for Environmental Justice and Climate Change’s (EJCC) campaign, which served Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in an educational initiative regarding global warming. This opportunity also lent him a chance to develop his fan base even further with selections from one of his previous CD releases, ” SAXOHOLIC ,” providing the musical signature for the accompanying radio show, “Just Environment” which broadcasted weekly on from Atlanta’s Clark University’s WCLK 91.9, “The Jazz of the City,” and live online at www.wclk.com.

His ability to expand his musical outreach to fans of all ages included multiple appearances on “Cooking with Coolio.” Jarez also assisted in the production of Coolio’s cookbook of the same name, along with ongoing management of various aspects of Coolio’s business operations.

For information on Jarez and to view all available tour dates, please visit www.jarezmusic.com.

Smooth Jazz Life – Smooth Jazz Life

Following his energetic emergence into the contemporary jazz scene with the release of “On Top of the World,” R&B saxophonist Jarel Posey (AKA “Jarez”) has released “Can’t Let Go” as his latest radio single.

As fans have learned, Jarez’s music is anything but smooth jazz fluff and he can’t let go. Touring regularly on the hip hop scene with Coolio, Jarez is on a mission to meld hip hop grooves with the cool vibes of contemporary instrumental music. Although smooth jazz has traditionally garnered older audiences, Jarez believes that his blend of music also appeals to the younger set. Just as Tiger Woods opened up golf to a diverse fan base, Jarez desires to “bring the gift of jazz to an audience not typically familiar with it, and yet have them embrace and welcome it.”

His “On Top of the World” CD has also captured the attention of toastmasters and reviewers. Terri Scott (AKA “The Jazz Queen”) from Talking Smooth Jazz recently hosted a listening party for the CD at the Elixir lounge in Henderson, Nev. “I love his music, ” said Scott during the broadcast. This show was put together by noted radio personality Lynn Briggs, who commented that “he’s going places” and stated that the CD was “doing very well.”

Online music lovers will enjoy the humorous storyline in the “Can’t Let Go” video that enlists the help of Coolio to find Jarez’s lost girlfriend. The video follows the guys as they jam to the grooves and force their way into a home to find Jarez’s much beloved saxophone tucked gently away in a bed. While the hearts of women everywhere will be broken upon the revelation of the identity of this true love, fans will be happy that he just can’t let go.

You can find the official “Can’t Let Go” video on the front page of http://www.jarezmusic.com. You’ll also find tour dates, photos on more on the site, as well.

Abyss Jazz – Abyss Jazz

… Saxophonist Jarez is working on an EP [Sexy Saxy] of seven songs. Release date scheduled for January 27, 2015. This new project reflects his brand of R&B jazz-fusion that intertwines sultry undertones with intelligent craftsmanship. “I wanted to create a project that was grown and sexy, candle light dinners, romantic but not boring. My band played on the EP and I recorded, mix, and mastered it. This EP is for the ladies; one that men will eagerly pop into their CD players to set the mood. “A lot of the creative influence comes from my own experience,” said Jarez.

Jarez emerged as a soloist during his 2013 release of On Top of the World. Ronald Jackson of the Smooth Jazz Ridemade note of Jarez’s strategic outreach to younger audiences. In a review, Jackson said, “He targets young hip hop audiences and delivers his style of jazz to them as an introduction to the coolness of the genre.”

Making jazz cool to a new audience is what Jarez continues to do with continued worldwide appearances with Coolio and the sharing of his music across world airwaves.

SmoothJazz.com – JONATHAN WIDRAN

With the release of his latest single, the soaring, infectiously funky and emotionally charged jam “Can’t Get Enough,” L.A. based saxophonist Jarez continues giving jazz a fresh new attitude via his energy infused blend of jazz and hip-hop. Though he grew up listening to traditional greats like John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, Jarez has recorded and toured with the hip-hop icon Coolio for years. He also became involved in many aspects of Coolio’s business operations, and performed multiple times on “Cooking with Coolio.” While developing his solo recording career, Jarez has also served as spokesman for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change (EJCC) campaign. If you “Can’t Get Enough” of Jarez from his latest single, he’s coming out soon with a new full length album.

Smooth Jazz Therapy – Smooth Jazz Therapy

Jarel Posey (who performs and records under the name of Jarez) currently plies his musical trade as the sax player for close friend and hip-hop star Coolio. It’s a gig that has taken him around the globe but with his latest CD, ‘On Top Of The World’, he seems all set to make his own tilt at musical stardom. Not only that, Jarez is a man on a mission. His self declared ambition is to take smooth jazz to places as yet unexplored and his greatest desire is to become the ‘Tiger Woods Of Jazz’. As he explains it, "Tiger made an old man's game exciting and real for kids. I want to do the same for jazz. I want to make it cool again." Given my recent comments on how the genre really needs to reach out to a whole new audience this is (smooth jazz) music to my ears and having checked out the ten tremendously tight tracks that ‘On Top Of The World’ has to offer, I think Jarez might well be the man to do it.

Take for instance the crisp, up tempo ‘Can’t Let Go’ that gets the party started and then some or the romantically inclined ‘When I Look At You’ which, with a propensity to build, checks a huge range of urban jazz boxes. Both are fine examples of the light and shade that Jarez crams into his music and although ‘I’m Leaving’ finds him easing down the tempo, he keeps it edgy with a rock solid groove which comes courtesy of Keenan Halloway on bass.

The frequent shock waves of brass that flash through ‘Feels So Right’ like bolts of lightning do much to elevate this hard driving number to a whole new level while in similar mode is the equally compelling ‘Make It Better’ that, in terms of smooth jazz to R & B cross-overs, is right up there with the best of them.

The mellifluous ‘Never Going To Stop’ turns out to be a foil for some particularly jazzy playing from Jarez while elsewhere the easy grooving ‘True Love’ proves to be a gem. Featuring minimalistic backing vocals from guitarist AJ Luke, it’s a song replete with feeling and when Luke again cuts loose for the decidedly soulful title tune, the playing of Jarez (coupled with his own distinctive production) is a total joy. Later, when Jarez and Luke combine to ratchet up the intensity to soul factor 10, the result is the incredible ‘The Way’ that is right up there with the best that ‘On Top Of The World’ has to offer yet that said the first single to be released to radio is the big, smooth and supercharged ‘Treasure’. Not only does it provide an insight into what Jarez is all about but could also take the airwaves by storm.

Ewire – Edrea Davis

District of Columbia, Georgia, Jul. 09 - /EWire/ -- Rapper/ reality star Coolio and jazz saxophonist, Jarez are among artists recently enlisted as spokespersons for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change's (EJCC) campaign to educate students at Historically Black College and University's (HBCU) about the global warming crisis, EJCC director, Nia Robinson announced today.

"Our goal is to engage a diverse group of black youth in the fight for climate justice," says Robinson. "Whether they're old school hip-hop fans, jazz enthusiasts, or among the neo-soul crew, we want them focused on climate change. EJCC is pleased to have Coolio and Jarez reaching out to their base to promote environmental sustainability."

The campaign will kickoff July 11, 2008 on "Just Environment," an EJCC sponsored urban talk radio program that will integrate diverse perspectives on environmental issues and underscore EJCC's campaign efforts. Broadcasting weekly at noon on WCLK 91.9, "The Jazz of the City," and live online at www.wclk.com, the radio show will feature informative discussions of problems and solutions for healthy, sustainable lifestyles. The jazz stylings of Jarez, from his CD release "To the Top" will provide the musical signature for the show.

The EJCC HBCU Initiative - a partnership with former Vice President Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection's "We" campaign - will use unique voices to encourage black youth to engage in the climate change discussion. EJCC will train and organize students on black college campuses to promote the greening of university grounds, grow support for climate justice, and encourage HBCU presidents to sign on to a Presidents Climate Commitment.

"The effects of climate change fall disproportionately on people of color, Indigenous Peoples, and low-income communities," says Robinson. "Black students must be on the frontlines educating their communities and contributing to the policy debate."

Coolio's cutting edge beats and West Coast style of hip hop has has garnered a huge loyal following. From starring in major blockbuster movies in Hollywood, to Grammy Award winning tracks, this platinum-selling artist has always kept it real. His new reality show, "Coolio Rules" to debut on The Oxygen Channel this fall, will only broaden his fan base as viewers get to watch him as a family man. Jazz saxophonist, Jarez (Jarel Posey), provides the perfect balance to Coolio's edge. The worlds of hip hop and jazz combine as the two merge to become a united front. On Jarez's new album, To The Top, one hears an incredibly gifted musician redefining what a jazzman can do in the 21st century.

A leader in domestic climate action, EJCC is a national coalition of over thirty environmental and climate justice, advocacy, faith-based and other social justice organizations. The nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots organization is committed to informing youth of color about the issue of global warming and climate justice. To get involved with EJCC or the "We" Campaign, visit www.ejcc.org or www.WeCanSolveIt.org .

Black Enterprise – Ann Brown

Last month, the Alliance for Climate Protection, an organization headed by former vice president Al Gore, and Environmental Justice and Climate Change (EJCC), an advocacy group, formed an initiative to enlist historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to help encourage blacks to go green.

According to the EJCC study, “A Climate of Change: African Americans, Global Warming, and a Just Climate Policy in the U.S.,” while blacks are just 13% of the U.S. population and on average emit 20% less greenhouse gases than non-Hispanic whites, they are more vulnerable to its effects. Also, African Americans are 79% more likely than whites to live in neighborhoods where industrial pollution poses the greatest health danger, says Robert D. Bullard, director of Clark Atlanta University’s Environmental Justice Resource Center.

The EJCC trains HBCU students to promote the greening of university grounds, increase support for climate justice, and encourage college presidents to sign on to a Presidents Climate Commitment. “We are also looking to have Al Gore host a virtual town hall on college and university campuses across the country, many of which will be HBCUs,” says Giselle Berry, Alliance spokesperson.

Among the six HBCUs participating are Spelman College, Clark Atlanta, and Morris Brown College. “It is important for Spelman to be part of the initiative, to participate, to exchange opinions, and even to divulgate the findings of our own research and teaching initiatives,” explains T. Galvao, interim chair of the environmental science and studies program at Spelman.

“Black colleges, along with the church, have always been at the forefront for social justice and change within the black community,” notes Irv Sheffey, environmental justice organizer for the Sierra Club, America’s oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization. “Communities of color, as evidenced by [Hurricane] Katrina’s aftermath, are disproportionately impacted by climate change, and our colleges are the natural grounds for developing the leaders we need.”

HBCUs are often located in areas where environmental issues are at the forefront, says Felicia Davis of the Just Environment/EJCC Advisory Board. “Black colleges are located within the black community and can become hubs for helping black America to lead the way to a green energy future,” she says. The HBCU participation is also key, as HBCUs traditionally offer programs in engineering and architecture, which Nia Robinson, EJCC director, says are fields that go hand-in-hand with the green movement. “As we are switching over to a green energy economy, HBCUs should be at the forefront of greening programs, departments, and curriculum so that students have an opportunity for careers in this market and become investors, not just consumers, in green technology,” she explains.

The EJCC aims to spark student interest through entertainers promoting the initiative. Rapper Coolio and jazz saxophonist Jarez have signed on to help attract the college crowd. “Solving the climate crisis impacts all of us, and every one of us should do what we can to make sure elected officials act quickly to change to clean energy,” Coolio says. “On a personal level, I have six kids, and their future depends on what

SmoothJazz.com – Sandy Shore

Crave new music? Meet innovative Saxophonist Jarez and his Cali-cool hybrid blend of jazz, hip-hop and R&B; robust with style and confidence! His album ON TOP OF THE WORLD, takes his unique treatment of Smooth Jazz to the Echo Boomer generation, featuring his infectious new hit single, "Can't Let Go." Jarez says that his desire is to be the "Tiger Woods of jazz." As he puts it, “Tiger made an old man’s game exciting and real for kids. I want to do the same for jazz.” The 30-something is a busy entrepreneur, in addition to promoting his new release, he tours, performs and even cooks with iconic rapper Coolio! Discover jazz by Jarez and expand your world!