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Jariya @ In the works...

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Jariya @ Private Show

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Perfect for a late night full of coffee, candles and French lit. I love Jariya and I love this CD. The guitar is spellbinding, Eve's voice is enchanting, and the French? Please- as if I need to say anything. I'm in love. I was glad to hear Andi's voice on a killer song that she wrote, 'My Queen' is incredible, 'God' is even better, and 'The Zoo' is my favorite. This album is even better than their first and I can't wait for Jariya to explode. Or maybe I'd prefer for them to stay small so that I can still see them in LA... - Jason S. EDGE Publications

One of the most progressive bands in LA. Jariya's sound will melt in your ears. Jariya also writes, produces, and records music for film and TV. - Tribe.net

Los Angeles based band, Jariya, have once again postponed their extremely technical show due to difficulties with the planned webcast of their highly anticipated, multi-media event. 'People are starting to get a little pissed,' admitted guitarist Andrea Bensmiller, then added, “But trust me folks, it will be worth the wait.” Andrea’s comments bring little comfort to the local lesbians who are starting to doubt the bands intentions, seeing as they've been waiting for a live show for nearly two years. They are questioning whether Jariya is a real band that plays real songs or just a rouse, a publicity stunt of sorts, feeding three attention starved musicians egos. Local lesbian leader, Jane Jackson, threatened to girlcot the show, if there ever is one. Jane complained to a friend at a West Hollywood music store, "If those bitches dare take the stage some day, I'm gonna have every dyke in town at their precious little, musical extravaganza! Protesting! Outside! If they can pretend they're in a band for two years, we can pretend to GO to their show! That'll show 'em." It is reported that just then, Jariya bass player, Marika Tjelios, walked up after overhearing this comment and tried to soothe relations with the upset lesbian, by speaking in her best British accent. "I'm going to sling me bass to me knees! You got come see the show!" Jane told her to f**** off and stormed out of the store.
Jariya members confirm a show will take place sometime in January 2006. Although it's like the friend who's always late; if they say January, we know it means June. Stay tuned for further developments.
- Kristy McInnis


Jariya EP – Innocence (1996)
Jariya live album – Bare (2000)
Jariya – YaYa (2001)
Jariya – The Prejudice of a Certain Personality Type (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jariya, a trio of international multi-instrumentalists, has been producing, composing and recording their original music since 1993 and is comprised of Eve Buigues (France), Andrea Bensmiller (U.S.) and Marika Tjelios (Canada).

The trio recently finished their second independent album, The Prejudice of A Certain Personality Type, which intermingles organic and electronic instruments in an experimental blend of rock/jazz/electronic that draws comparisons to Radiohead, Fiona Apple, and Coldplay. Jariya fuses thought-provoking lyrics and a balance between dramatic instrumental interludes and modern song-oriented rock into their work. An occasional French lyric or rap also find their way into the soundscape.

Currently living and working in Los Angeles, as a live performing band, Jariya was discovered in 2000 by Grammy award producer Rodney Jerkins (Mary J Blidge, Withney Houston, Michael Jackson), with whom they recorded their first LP "Perfect Drug". Unfulfilled with the outcome, Jariya took a more independent approach to their carreer and recorded their first full length album, YaYa, in their own studio, in the fall of 2000. In spring 2004 they recorded "The Prejudice of a Certain Personality Type" at the prestigious Henson Recordings Studios. Jariya has been featured in Girlfriends magazine and LA Times Online, “What’s Hot in LA”. They have performed in Los Angeles clubs including The Whisky, The Cat Club, The Joint, Genghis Cohen and The Gig, and are currently producing a multi-media live show.

Jariya also produces film music in their private studio and have been featured in features, shorts and TV shows, including Margaret Cho’s “Notorious C.H.O”, the AOL/Launch promotion for Jack Black’s “School of Rock”, and The Discovery Health Channel’s “Impact: Stories of Survival.”

Additional information about Jariya can be viewed online at www.jariya.net. Both of their CDs can be purchased at www.cdbaby.com, www.mosquito-media.co.uk, and iTunes. Write them at jariya@jariya.net.