J. Armen Meschian

J. Armen Meschian

 New York City, New York, USA

J. Armen is a musician-songwriter-producer based in New York City. On his latest CD release, “Plan B,” Armen creates a unique blend of Rock, Latin Jazz, Modern Folk, and Blues coupled with poetic lyrics.


Born Armen J. Meschian in 1973 in Yerevan, Armenia, J. Armen discovered the gift of music in his late teens. Shortly after arriving in the US, he began studying guitar with Robin Stone, professor at Berklee College of Music. He then made his musical debut at the age of 18 under the assumed name “J. Armen” as lead guitarist of the Boston-based band, “Bones Inc.”

One year later, in 1993, he emerged as a songwriter and co-founded the band “Medicine Hat.” In 1994 the band released two songs on a compilation CD titled, “Longfellow Sound Volume I” then in 1995 independently released a full-length album titled “Unsolicited.” Medicine Hat enjoyed a successful five-year run, toured the East Coast, received rave reviews, posed for the Ticketmaster Mastercard, but after failing to complete a second album, called it quits in 1998.

Armen’s musical exploration led him to New York City where he found inspiration in local Latin Jazz and Modern Folk movements. He wrote a new arsenal of songs and in August of 1999 went on to tour Eastern Europe. A year later he began work on his solo album, Plan B, which came to completion in 2003. It features a remarkable lineup of musicians. Among them are Latin Jazz veterans, percussionist Wilson 'Chembo' Corniel and trumpeter John Walsh (Tito Puente).

Presently Armen resides in Manhattan where he continues to explore new musical horizons. Over the course of time he has played and/or recorded with artists such as Sirena Sol, David Easton & The J-Krew, Layla Davias of Spectrum Music, Jon Zucker and more... He also produces independent artists and records movie soundtracks. Other highlights in Armen’s career include performances at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, CA, Lizzy West’s music video "Rope Me" and ABC World News. Armen is also a Voting member of the Recording Academy, New York Chapter.

Armen’s credits include:

• Solo release "Plan B" published independently
• Guitars, backing vocals and co-production on "You Got What You Wanted"
by David Easton & The J-Krew, released in 2006
• Medicine Hat's "Unsolicited" published by AMAF Records released in 1996
• Longfellow Sound Volume 1, compilation featuring Medicine Hat, released in 1995
• Lead Guitar on track 2 on Spazzoid Records LP released in 2005
• Guitar on single "Change" included in the book by Kathryn Cramer and Hank Wasiak entitled:
"Change The Way You See Everything Through Asset Based Thinking", 2006
• Guitar on Arthur Meschian’s album, “The Monologue of a Crazed Violinist”
• Composer of the musical score for the Columbia University theater production of “Mirrors”
• Producer of the award-winning Armenian A Cappella Folk Trio, “Zulal”
• Producer/Engineer of musical srore and sound effects for the film "Stone,Touch, Time"
performed by Zulal A Cappella Folk Trio.
• Producer/Engineer on PreMusical Syndrome by The Sirens

• House guitarist for theatrical production Maktub with Mahina Movement June 2007
• Appeared on ABC World News as lead guitarist with Introducing Drea in January 2007
• Appeared (played guitar) in Lizzie West's music video "Rope Me" (Warner Brothers) in April 2006

Stage Management:
• Stage Manager of April 24 Commemoration Concerts in 2003 and 2004
Cooper Union Great Hall, NYC
• Stage Manager of Jesus Christ Superstar Rock-Opera (AEA)
Producers Club, NYC. Produced by Live Stage Productions



Written By: J. ARMEN (lyrics cowritten with N. Hartounian)

let me be a little crazy
like the feet of a bosa girl
swinging to the samba ala Rio
fills your mind with everything surreal
I’d like to sing her every song
I’ve kept inside for so long till now

dazzle me with your dark eyes
the essence of your thirsty nights
a naked reason of delight
a wish come true for such a sight
bring me fortune in this light
I’d live a thousand lives for a moment so right

now I am wishing you would be mine dancing Maria
está na maneira que você brilha (it’s in the way you shine)
because your dance brings the sun dancing Maria
mostre-me seu claro (show me your light)
dancing Maria

you can comfort every fear every single passionate tear
a melody to every deaf ear you have found the way to heal
every hearts desire waiting
lurking in our sphere debating how


Written By: J. ARMEN

this lonely road abandoned since the time of abolition
is still the back way to the one who had me crazed
I hear the engine running shifting gears higher
making every exit disappear in the haze

I’ve been behind the wheel draining every ounce of patience
counting miles I cannot take it any more
I know that she’s been waiting biting nails and contemplating
whether I’m the one she should be waiting for

I could not help but watch the falling sun behind the mountain
missed the exit sign and never saw the turn
she was the only reason I’ve been pushing all the limits
never thought I’d cross the line of no return

so here it is before me site of my own demolition
there goes the last attempt of mine to prove her wrong
there goes every hope every chance and expectation
my broken radio has played its final song

will I can I hear your echo
when the silent comfort of the night comes over you
will you come by in another lifetime
will you be you will I be I


Written By: J. ARMEN

heard my calling knowing well my time had come
the choices we make are still full of mistakes
now nothing can be done
for which sins committed I deserve this rotten luck
with my heart on my sleeve I was summoned to leave
with no hope of coming back

how long ‘til Georgia
it’s been a long and weary ride
how long ‘til I may
lay to rest my troubled mind

maybe shortly nasty winds will settle down
the sky in my view is the wrong shade of blue
and I cannot live it down
one more foreign sunrise I’ll be right back home to you
I’ve survived the terrain scorching sun and the rains
in this place they brought me to

ever wishful yet I never had a chance
for what needs to be done I am second to none
but it’s all at my expense
spin the bottle stop it while it’s pointing west
I’ve been everywhere but my mind’s always there
I don’t care for all the rest


Plan B - Released in 2004

Unsolicited- Released in 1996
AMAF Records

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