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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF
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"Rhythms Magazine 'Rio Claro Review'"

Sometime, last year, Melbourne based Artist Jarrah Thompson upped stumps and headed over to Brazil to record his second Album.
He'd been gigging up and down the coast on the back of his debut 'Stargazer' sometimes as a band and sometimes as a duo with Flautist 'Asha Henfry'. He was working hard and things were beginning to happen, but they needed a new record so they went to Brazil (Thompson's ex-bass player was Brazilian, hence the connection there)
Setup camp in Rio Claro Sao Paolo for six weeks, and the result is the apply titled 'Rio Claro'.

I feel i should mention that Stargazer was an amateur effort, a lackluster effort that in no way showed what Thompson and his band were up to. I saw them live a few times after they had release it - in band and also in duo format - and they impressed the hell out of me with their energy and rootsy take on Creedence/sabbath/tull.
Many times I wished they would record something that was indicative of the '70's drenched groove they were beginning to make their , despite the fact this is the year 2000's

With 'Rio Claro' then, they've taken the next step. The next few steps actually. For this is a record that could have well been laid down back in 1973, a time when blues and rock n' roll were emerging and things were fresh and exciting and new directions were rife. Firstly, it's not a lyrically complicated record, Thompson doesn't seem to strive for that, not at this point in his career anyway. The MO here is the groove, and whether it be a simple, slow one ('Going Home') or a slow-building one ('Dream On The Way') a head-nodder ('Hold On') or a fuzzed out blues one ('Don't Wake Me Up'), it's always in the mix.

Henfry adds some great flute work throughout, solid percussion comes from Chris Cameron and the bass work from Bruno Padoveze is great, combined with alot of vocal harmonizing and the sludgy guitar of Thompson make what isn't a great record, but one which shows what these cats are up to, and where they're able to go. I wait their next offering with baited breath. - Rhythms Magazine (Australia)

"Guitar Player Magazine Brazil"

Jarrah Thompson is an Australian singer and guitarist. His band has moved from rock and blues incorporating experimental elements. "We love playing blues, but always bringing in new elements such as air and flute and percussion," he said. "We are influenced by rock, blues and soul music of the 1960s and 70s. In addition, we maintain our free music and open. We like artists like Joe Walsh (James Gang, Eagles), Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) and Eric Clapton. "

They're coming to Brazil for their first tour here. Rounding out the team Chris Cameron (drums / percussion), Asha Henfry (flute / vocals) and Brazilian Bruno Padoveze (bass / vocals). In addition to the presentations, the band will record their new album in the country.

"We are very excited to arrive in Brazil," said Thompson. "We made the record in Australia and, when he painted this tour, we thought it was a great opportunity to record there, mainly because it is a place where most of us never has been. I'm looking forward to different parts of the country. "

Jarrah Thompson's itinerary here will have the following stops: - Guitar Player Magazine

"Brazilian Review 2011"

It is a rock and roll with some influence of blues and folk. The first time I came to Brazil, including the London, Australian Jarrah Thompson Band showed a bit of eclectic rhythm, which also allows a drummer and a flute. This time the surprise is not because of who is the band. The tour has a special appearance by a juggler, a painter and an actor. The show, in addition to music, features performances of magic, visual arts and performing arts. The group takes the stage tomorrow night, from midnight on Vitrola Bar
The band is named after the musician who formed in 2006. "He started and was composing. Then gradually we have been incorporating into his band, no longer supporting musicians. Since 2008 we have become the band and decided to keep the original name, which was already well known in Australia, "says bassist of the group, Bruno Padoveze, the only Brazilian band. And it was precisely for this reason that the group marked the first tour in Brazil last year. "I told the singer that would facilitate a tour here, because I have some contacts. And then came "he recalls.

This time, the band released their second album, Rio Claro, Brazil produced entirely in the tour last year. Then in the second half, the group travels to Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. "We're a rock band with much influence from blues and folk," defines Padoveze. A rock, mainly from the late 1960s. Sometime even to other rhythms, such as instrumental. In training, two girls, each playing a different instrument: one drives the other took a flute and percussion. "It's a good show up."

/ Tour has a special appearance by a juggler, a painter and an actor. Besides music, the show features performances of magic, visual arts and performing arts Larger Image

Tour has a special appearance by a juggler, a painter and an actor. Besides music, the show features performances of magic, visual arts and performing arts

In addition to the group, a cast will help the show, a juggler, a painter and an actor in the interior of Sao Paulo. All were invited to make presentations during the performances. "They interact with us, with our music," explains bassist. The illusionist William Seve, artist and actor Ed Primo and Primo theater director Jefferson are traveling on tour with the band for 22 Brazilian cities.

Bruno Padoveze had decided to move from Brazil to Australia, along with his wife. "We decided to leave the country, even as life experience," he explains. Arriving in Australia in early 2008, Padoveze just wanted to get some musical activity. "I'm from São Paulo and have always been a musician. So I just wanted to get into the music, "he recalls. Three months after stepping on Australian soil, the musician learned that the band Jarrah Thompson was looking for a bassist to join the group.

Coincidence or not, Padoveze decided to risk it. "I took the test and since then we are playing together."

Service - show the band Jarrah Thompson, Saturday, from midnight on Vitrola Bar (Avenida Higienópolis, 2405). Tickets in hours: $ 15 (men) and $ 10 (women).

First record broke in Australia
Appeared in 2006 in Melbourne, the capital of Australia, Jarrah Thompson Band is inspired by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Bob Dylan, Santana and the swamp blues. The band's first album was released in 2008: Stargazer. Make You Feel the tracks and I am The One broke out on Australian radio and also gained some radio stations around the world, including Brazil, which is the first to receive the band's tour abroad.
Read phonetically - Whiplash (Brazil)

"Jarrah Thompson - Stargazer (Album Review 2008)"

Is Jarrah Thompson’s latest album Stargazer a new front for the existing members of Led Zeppelin? This reviewer thinks so. The album itself has Jarrah on the cover dressed in only what I can assume is some sort of traditional Mexican poncho holding a Stratocaster in some sort of orgasmic pose. The music itself resembles everything seventies and Led Zeppelin, with the added bonus of being accompanied by a Peruvian Pan Flute band.

I really doubt there is anything else I can add to this review that I haven’t already mentioned. Vocals and guitar are definitely Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, there is no doubt about it. As far as I am concerned Jarrah Thompson is solely the Australian trade name for Led Zeppelin in the 21st century. Sure there is the influence by Peruvian Pan Flute, but in my honest opinion, this fact is inconsequential. This band is none other then Led Zeppelin.

Musically, this LP is recorded in the Seventies. Jarrah Thompson is stuck in some kind of musical time warp and his latest album Stargazer is presumably an audio only account of his trip. The album is full of overdriven muddy guitar, hard rock vocals and the dirty analogue feel that all old rock strives for. I simply cannot fault this album in any way, shape or form.

Jarrah Thompson is the kind of music you find in your dad’s record collection. Hard honest rock, full of dirty, grunge ridden leads and poorly recorded drums intertwined with acoustic ballads. I fucking love it. If you are going to copy any musical style, why not make it one of the legendary greats. This album contains Led Zeppelin clones of Going To California to Rock & Roll. These guys are three decades too late, but since I am never going to see Stairway to Heaven played live, Jarrah Thompson is as close as I’m going to get. Hurry up, come to Brisbane and play for me! I need to see you guys. - The Dwarf.com.au


2008 - 'Stargazer' debut album
2011 - 'Rio Claro' second album recorded in Brazil.

Available for listen and download at www.jarrahthompson.com



Australian based singer/songwriter and guitarist, Jarrah Thompson seamlessly fuses rock, blues, roots, folk and latin into his own distinctive blend.

It’s not everyday you hear a guitar / flute / didgeridoo battle but for Jarrah Thompson, experimenting with new sounds, is what it’s all about. Likened to artists such as Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin & BB King, it is no wonder Jarrah Thompson has been labeled ‘the next big thing’.

After extensive touring throughout Melbourne, NSW and WA and widespread support from community radio and ABC, Thompson’s music has been turning more than a few heads. In 2008, Jarrah unveiled his explosive nine-piece blues/rock band, earning him a spot at the Point Nepean Music Experience. This awe-inspiring performance, which started with twenty people at his stage, ended with around two thousand punters who had come to hear a flute vs. guitar battle with the intensity and musicality of a Mozart piece! Drawing inspiration from early Santana, Joe Walsh, Jimi Hendrix and Jethro Tull, Thompson’s live performances exude a raw energy reminiscent of the great rock festivals of late 60’s… and the result? The acclaimed debut album, Stargazer, a versatile showcase of well crafted songs from high energy, fuzzed out guitar rock, to finger picking soul with a live orchestra.

2010 saw Jarrah and his band tour Brazil where they recorded Jarrah’s 2nd album. The new album, Rio Claro(March 2011) was named after the town in Brazil where the band stayed for six weeks of the tour and
encapsulates the raw energy and rock edge, typical of a Jarrah Thompson live music experience. In Brazil, Thompson and his band landed the ultimate gig… A spot on the popular late-night talk show program, ‘Programa do Jô’, (described as the Dave Letterman Show of Brazil) where they were telecast to over seven million people across the country!) This preceded an extremely successful tour with hundreds of people showing up their gigs showing support. In 2011, the band has been booked for more extensive touring in Australia, Brazil, Spain, Portugal & The Netherlands.

Back on home turf in late 2010, Jarrah teamed up with flautist ‘Asha Henfry’ for a national acoustic duo tour, 25 gigs over 3 states of Australia. The pair were heavily featured and supported by ABC National and various other stations. They have continued touring in Australia through most of 2011.

Jarrah Thompson struck his first chord at six years of age, he then went on to study Music Performance at the Las Vegas Academy of The Arts (USA). Returning to Melbourne in 2001 saw the birth of rock band ‘147k’ with the guidance of Australian Hall of Fame Inductee, Lobby Loyde. “Those years were where I learned about life and the music business from a great guitar legend”, says Thompson. In 2006 Jarrah recorded his debut EP, ‘The Crown Jewels’ which went on high rotation with RRR and PBS. .. Described as ‘experimental flute / rock blues’, Jarrah Thompson’s music has the power to transcend the listener to a different time, a different place and the best part of it all is…. ..

He’s only just getting started.