Jarrard Anthony

Jarrard Anthony


Humility; In an industry packed with egos, humility is a word often spoken but rarely exercised. Soul Music; Music inspired by a divine source often claimed but in many cases, inaccurately categorized. My name is Jarrard Anthony, and I create soul music.


In a dimly lit Irish pub in Chicago’s north side, a young singer leads the crowd on the chorus of David Bowie’s arena rock anthem, All the Young Dudes, while strumming the chords on his acoustic guitar. Later that night, at a funk and jazz laced open mic venue in the south side of the windy city, a young crooner takes the stage, and accompanied by the house band makes the ladies sway with a rendition of Earth, Wind, & Fire’s classic, Can’t Hide Love, rocking the crowd and invoking 70’s classic soul nostalgia. The common denominator in both these scenes is that the singer and the crooner are Jarrard Anthony.

In the endless ocean of music genres, sub-genres, categorizations, and labels, how do you label the artists inspired by a multitude of influences? Jarrard Anthony’s answer…”Its all Soul Music. Soul music is music inspired a divine source, and like a white light reflected through a diamond shows many colors, music is expressed through individuals the same way.” Good songs are truly universal, and good songs across several genres are what JA is building his career on.

After writing his first song at 10 years old to a video game soundtrack, the Richmond, Va. native started his journey as a boy determined to follow his dreams. Now after 2 LP’s, 3 EP’s, hundreds of live performances, thirty-something pages of Google hits, and appearances on more than 15 internationally released albums, he is now a man living them. Establishing himself as a successful and respected independent artist with underground R&B hits like So D-vine, Candy, The Dream, and Lovesick while achieving critical acclaim by breaking musical boundaries with musical epics like, concept album, S.ynergistic E.nergy X.change, Jarrard Anthony documents his inspirations in real-time to be shared in musical expressions that are as dynamic and ever-evolving as any human personality.

Passionate, Peaceful, Charming, Cool, Comforting, Spiritual, Seductive, Soothing and most certainly Soulful; Words used not only to describe his music, but also his disposition. Jarrard Anthony’s underlying message is clear.
If it moves your soul, do what inspires you.

JA’s new album, The Message, will be released in Spring 2009 on JAPMEG/ABE/KEM/Bungalo/Universal.


*ASCAP Publisher & Writer member
(c)2006, JAPMUSIC


The Dream(Thermite)-LP(limited release)-1999
The Dream(Stonegroove)-EP(UK Release)-2000
Don't Sleep...Just Dream(JAP Music)-LP-2003
DSJD (National Re-release)(JAPMEG/BCD)-2005
S.ynergistic E.nergyX.change(JAPMEG)-2006/07

Profile: Jarrard Anthony

Demographics: Listening audience ages 16 to 60

Format: R&B/Urban Adult Alt./ Singer-Songwriter/Pop/Soul/Electronic/Experimental

Radio Airplay: The Soul Lounge (Syndicated), WBTJ, WCDX WKYS, WBCX, WCLK, WVOF, KWTR, WRFG, TV: Added-52 National & Regional Music Video Programs, Champs, Macy’s, FYE stores, BET, MTV, FUSE

Chart Positions:
CT BEATS Music Charts
Indie Charts
Whats Going Down(Rmx)-#3
Urban Mainstream
MakeitorBreakit Videos-UPN-58 cities
Sweet Memories
Make it-56103 votes to keep, 808 to kill
Whats Going On Music Videos-Dish Network Sweet Memories #21 on top 25 music videos
Yahoo Launch Music-debut #274, highest current position
Starfleet Music Pool-HOT PICK OF THE WEEK Sweet Memories/Lovesick/Whats Going Down(Rmx)

Web Press:

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Uplifting Minds II Music Conference-Los Angeles, CA
Cada Vez-Washington, DC
The Five Spot-New York, NY
Zanzibar-Washington, DC
Dream Nightclub-Washington, DC
Uplifting Minds II Music Conference-Baltimore, MD
Club 2k9-Washington, DC
After Six Supper Club-Richmond, VA
Bojangles Night Club-Richmond, VA
Urban Independent Music Awards-Alexandria, VA
The Ark-London, UK
Southport Weekender-Southport, UK
Tropical Soul-Richmond, VA
Dabneys Restaurant and Lounge-Richmond, VA
The Underground-Richmond, VA
Grants Jazz Bar-Richmond, VA
Juste Lounge-Washington, DC
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Holiday Inn Conference Center-Atlanta, GA
MCI Center-Washington, DC
National Black Caucus(Grand Hyatft-Washington, DC
VA House of Comedy-Virginia Beach, VA
National Tuskegee Airman Association-Washington, DC
Blues Cafe-Richmond, VA
New Street Station-Birmingham, UK
Richmond Braves Stadium-Richmond, VA
Alice Mays-Norfolk, VA
Hyperlink Internet Cafe-Richmond, VA
Plan Zero-Richmond, VA

Set List

Jarrard Anthony's dynamic performance style is one that captivates all who experience it! Acoustic or Full band with theaterics. Jarrard's set varies from 15-20 min sets with just vocals and guitar/percussive accompaniment to a full eight piece explosive musical eargasm ranging from 30-90 mins. of performance time. With versatile style and multicultural appeal, JA can fulfill the musical appetites of the most diverse audience. From Colleges, to clubs, to private engagements, to festivals, JA is a performer that is setting a new standard. See it LIVE for yourself and become a believer!

*Discounts may apply for Multiple location & date bookings!

*Prices may vary according to actual performance requirements and date requested. Travel cost and Hotel accommodations are applicable in addition to performance fees.