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Jarrel Young

Champaign, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Champaign, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Pop




"Jarrel Young - On 3"

World Star Hip Hop gave Jarrel Young next up Indie Artist spot. - World Star Hip Hop

"Jarrel Young Holds Down The Midwest: Opens Up For Bone Thugz, Drops Debut Album "Millennial""

How did the idea of your latest single and music video "Beautiful Soul" come about?

"Beautiful Soul is a song that touches on my relationship with both my fiancé and my daughter and how they both have influenced me in my life. This was my first time working with producer Terrin Harris @Errytime_Tee and as soon as I heard the beat the song just came very naturally and organically within a day or two. As far as the video, the creative mind behind that concept was thanks to my videographer Chad “Boots” Howard. He really pushed me to try something new and I’m pleased with the end result."

How long have you been doing what you’re doing and how did you get started in the first place?

"I started out really taking an interest in music because of church. Being involved with the choir as a shorty helped me musically and having that heavy gospel influence in the beginning of it all. I released my first solo project in 2013 called “Chemical Imbalance” and followed each year with volumes 2 & 3 in the series. At the time I didn’t quite know that I would eventually pursue this career full-time, it was more of an an outlet to express myself and have something fun to do. Plus, my cousin and closest friends at the time were all getting into the production and beat-making side really heavy, so they needed somebody to put some vocals to em'. That was when Jarrel Young the artist (who was back then JRelz) came to light. It was difficult in the beginning and even now because of the stigma attached to “rappers". And also coming from a religious background,it took a long time fighting to prove to my family that this art was worth pursuing. It’s a fight I still deal with to this day, constantly striving to prove that I’m making the right decision and that this is the path God chose for me."

If you could choose to work with some of today’s established artists or producers, to move your game to the top, with whom would you like to collaborate?

"I think there are several artists in the game that I would love to work with, but just off top I would say artists like Kendrick Lamar, his lyricism is just crazy. Another artist I would like to work with is J. Cole. Cole’s approach to the game and his level of independence is inspiring and drives me to want the same for my career. When it comes to producers, 9th Wonder is a legend in the Hip-Hop game so it would be a blessing to do something with him, and I think working with 40, from OVO, would just be a crazy experience in itself."

You've made an influence in Chicago. Tell us more about the music scene there.

"The Chicago music scene is one that has long been overlooked. Chicago has a lot of deep musical history especially in genres like classical, Jazz and R&B. But the Hip-hop scene is what often gets neglected. Aside from the recently popular “Drill Music” that it has become known for, Chicago has always been a city known to produce great storytellers in the game like Consequence, Common, Lupe Fiasco, and the great Kanye West. More recently we have seen a resurgence of that storytelling lyric based music with artists like TheBoyIllinois, Saba, and Chance The Rapper making waves on the major circuit."

In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

"When I first started my music was definitely a little more aggressive, a lot more reflective of some of the reckless behavior that I was doing and witnessing at that stage in my life. Now my music is a lot more mature, I’ve become a lot more focused on what message I want to convey in my music and how I want to tell my story in thE world we live in from my perspective. I have learned not to trap myself into conforming to the typical status quo of a Hip-Hop artist. I’m learning how to incorporate new innovative ideas, different sounds and trying new approaches to my craft to make my music better. Looking forward to continue to grow my brand on an international level."

Biggest success in your career thus far?

"My biggest success thus far would have to be my album release show this year. I was my first headliner show and it was at the 2nd biggest performance venue on the University of Illinois campus. Now I’ve performed at this venue a few times on the small stage and even opened for Bone Thugz ‘N Harmony in front of a sold out crowd on that stage. But this time the show was all about me and the release of my debut album. Seeing my name on that marquee out front, and performing on that big stage in front of that crowd that was there to celebrate my craft and all the hard work and dedication I put into this album, it was an exhilarating experience unlike any other."

Which ingredient do you think is most essential in making your sound and style the way it is?

"Being from the Midwest, I believe we get a very diverse mixture of influences from all 3 sides, East Coast, West Coast & The South. While most would say my style is more West Coast influenced, it’s that blend of all those regions music that really gives me that ability to make crossover music that is appealing to a much larger demographic. That, and my belief in the almighty God. My faith plays a very strategic role in how I operate and how I create my music, without my faith in God I wouldn’t be here at all." - Rap Bully

"CU On the Road: The Champaign Cypher Series Tour Mon, 11/19/2018 - 5:12pm | Andrew Howie"

The music scene in the Champaign-Urbana area has something for everyone. Whatever your flavor, this town is bursting with talent. One of the most exciting and head-turning developments of our local musical culture is the hip hop-oriented Champaign Cypher Series and its resulting tour. With two shows in town this weekend (11/24 at The Canopy and 11/25 at 51 Main – details at the bottom), local buzz is heating up, and for good reason.

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Driven by hard-working, grassroots artists and performers, the Champaign Cypher Series has grown quite a bit from its humble beginnings in 2016. According to the initial releases, the project “was launched in late 2016. What initially started as a concept for a pair of predetermined video shoots has evolved into several video releases and over 20 live events at multiple venues in Champaign-Urbana since then.”

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Featuring local heroes such as Truth AKA Trouble, Chase Baby, D-SPillz, Gatson, Jay Moses, Jarrel Young, and many, many more, the tour spans Carbondale to Chicago; 10 cities, 12 shows, all killer, no filler. It’s inspiring to see the musicians and crowds come together in fierce displays of pride in their community and the creative endeavors nurtured by this environment.

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Speaking of the musicians on tour, Chase Baby, one of the artists playing at The Canopy on Saturday, had a few choice words to say about the whole thing: “Just the fact that CU hip hop is reaching wider outlets is inspiring and something I think we all have been pushing towards to quite some time. Rob K [tour organizer] works hard and is very meticulous, I couldn’t think of anyone else more fit for the task. It has allowed artists who usually don’t think outside of CU to see the bigger picture a little more clearly. The tour has also allowed some of the acts who are already moving around IL and the surrounding states to gain some more acclaim to push their brands/music/art even further.”

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Another artist on the Sunday show at 51 Main this week is Jarrel Young, a Champaign-born performer who has a long history of growing with the Cypher Series. His heart and soul have been poured into this venture, as evidenced by his quote: “Being a Champaign native and being familiar with touring, it’s an awesome look for the CU community of artists. The exposure means the most to me, considering we come from a very boxed-in music scene. The continued growth that the Cypher Series has shown within the past year alone has been taken to another level. Especially with everyone coming together and making this tour happen collectively. Robert K did a good ass job of coordinating a platform for artists to showcase their talents. It was only right that I got involved, The Cypher Series and I have a solid working relationship. It’s an honor to be a part of history. This will definitely be an experience to remember. The next generation will watch our blueprint on how to get yourself out there for the world to see.”

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Don’t miss the Champaign Cypher Tour; brimming with high-octane performances from hungry artists, these shows have been a jolt of refreshing energy and spurred the growth and awareness of our already-thriving scene here in CU. Coming soon to a town near you, this will be a run of shows you’ll want to look back on and say, “I was there.” - The News Gazette

"YOUNG is going on tour"

Local rapper JARREL YOUNG has a tour ahead of him, which you can see dates for listed above. Young has been an emcee in the local scene for quite some time. The Millenial tour features Jay Moses and Jeff K%nz, and some DJs as guests as well. Listen to his debut record of the same name here, and watch a video for "One Night" below. - Smile Politely

"I'd Be Mad Too: Jarrel Young's Latest Work Shines Bright"

Andrew Howie

Lately I’ve been trying to write more about some of our local hip hop heroes. I continue to use the word “heroes” because they’re stepping up and filling in what our music scene needs and bringing a fresh dose of vitality and energy to this town. Recently, the album ‘I’d Be Mad Too’ by artist Jarrel Young slid across my desk, and if you haven’t heard it yet, boy are you in for a treat.

As I’ve said before regarding other releases from local hip hop artists, this town is surging with musical ability and hunger, and Young’s nine tracks here are no different. Right from the very beginning, with the almost spiritual opening track “The Benediction,” his talent and confidence are obvious, as well as his willingness to bare his soul for us, the lucky listeners, to come on in and take a look.

From there we dip into the meat of the record: slick, sexy production featuring crisp, slinky guitars and glittering nightclub electro beats hold down the roots as Young’s lyrics take us through a harrowing gauntlet of subjects as daunting as the future of the millennials, the death grip of inequality on the world, and more than can be fully discussed in this format.

This variety in local hip hop material is truly something to hear. The almost psychedelic beats mix with such a wide array of lyrical subjects that it can be frankly dazzling. The importance of community and honest communication bump up against the question of knowing who to trust and the despondency of our generation at large. As with much of our local hip hop scene here in Chambana, the talent and hard work really pay off in excellent lyrics that serve equally well as a training montage or quiet moments of contemplation.

Another recurring theme on this record is the importance of being there for those who really matter to you. The subject matter may sound corny or played out, but Young’s emotion and phrasing keep it feeling fresh and inspired. Lyrics about never being late on your rent, being there when someone you love needs to vent, the importance of friends and family, and most importantly, the trust and security that come with that kind of stability, are clearly important to Young, and his message should reach every ear that it hasn’t yet.

None of this focus on the deeper, pensive aspects of the music isn’t to say there aren’t also some hard hitting bangers. Plenty of juicy club beats, perfect for the dancefloor or the sub in the back, heavy with bass and sticky low end melodies, anchor the superb lyrical stylings and complete the whole package. It’s easy to imagine this music lighting up the Canopy, Blackbird, or even the Iron Post, with its rippling, muscular power and just plain infectious mood.

This is another excellent representation of a scene that we should all be quite proud of. Jarrel Young is part of a new generation of hip hop here in Chambana, and albums like ‘I’d Be Mad Too’ are happening because they put in the work and didn’t sit back and rest on their laurels. If there was a highlight moment that really stood out, I would say so, but honestly, this album begs to be listened through in one sitting. It’s just too difficult to pick a moment and say it’s the best. You’ll just have to listen and decide for yourself. - The News Gazette-Sep 24, 2019

"Jarrel Young releases new album I'd Be Mad Too..."

Patrick Singer

Recording Artist Jarrel Young has released his new recoord I'd Be Mad Too... on August 22nd, 2019 which is his follow up full-length to last year's Millennial EP. You can stream the whole thing below, or find it on your streaming platform of choice, and check out the album art and tracklisting.

I'd Be Mad Too...

The Benediction (feat. Caleb Mbuvi)
Been Gone
Timely Fashion (feat. Jay Moses)
Big Shot
5th Dimension, Pt. 2 (feat. Chase Baby)
Doin' to Me
Thy Zen - Smile Politely-August 27, 2019


Unreachable (Prod. By BenihanaBoi)

Keep Calm (Prod. By J.Welz)

No Effort (Prod. By J.Welz)

Beautiful Soul (Prod. By Errytime)

Cloth Talk [Interlude] (Prod. By Lab217)

5th Dimension feat. Chase Baby (Prod. By RAESHAD Beatz)

W.Y.D. (Prod. By J.Welz)

Power (Prod. By J.Welz)

Scoreboard (Prod. By TheLetterLBeats)

Overthink (Prod. By TheLetterLBeats & Blute Productions )
Been Gone (Prod. By MBuvito)
Timely Fashion feat. Jay Moses (Prod. By SeriouzBeats)
Fuego (Prod. By TKAY)
Big Shot (Prod. By TheSkyBeats)
5th Dimension II feat. Chase Baby (Prod. By TheLetterLBeats)
Doin' to Me (Prod. By H. Kal El)
Thy Zen (Prod. By TheLetterLBeats)




You’d be hard pressed to find another artist like Jarrel Young. The streetwise artist emerged from Champaign IL, a small town outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Jarrel began singing in church, as an adolescent, after being strongly influenced by artist like the Notorious BIG, Nas, Outkast, & Bob Marley. This love and influence for music never left, as Jarrel decided to expand beyond the gospel music and dedicate himself to other musical genres. The talented MC was destined to move the Hip Hop industry with his strong voice and smooth lyrics.

His “Alternative Hip-Hop” as he coins it, is a fusion between the fundamental storytelling lyricism of Hip-Hop/ the Edginess of more hardcore Rap/ and the commercial “Turn-Up” appeal of Pop and Rock & Roll. Jarrel targets his music towards the Younger Generation X and Millennial Crowds, his music being highly favored on College campuses across the country. 

Jarrel Young has been invited to perform 3 years running at SXSW, He has sold out a major premiere local Champaign, Illinois performance venue for Independence day, and NYE 3 years running. Jarrel has opened up for major artists like; Bone Thugz ‘N Harmony, Dj Self, Wiz Khalifa & Taylor Gang, Wale, and most recently come off his 3rd regional tour opening for Project Pat. Jarrel has been featured in SmilePolitely, WhatsOnTheDashBoard blogs and has performed up and down the Midwest and Southern states.  After a brief hiatus to step into the role of Fatherhood, Jarrel has stepped back into the studio, releasing his debut album, “Millennial” where he discusses topics like relationship issues with family members, the struggle of pursuing your dreams against all odds, and even weaves a controversial story about racial discrimination in his own home. His selection of melodic instrumentals, partnered with his charismatic flow, delivers a wholly sound project unlike any from him before. 

Jarrel Young has positive a energy, a winner’s spirit, and a natural
gift for moving crowds. His focus is on creating relevant yet timeless
music and give true Hip Hop fans what they’ve been missing. The talented
MC delivers a euphonious sound, capturing the audience with his strong
voice and smooth lyrics.

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