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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"In the taxi back and forth in the name of zodiac"

Available on http://musicserver.cz/clanek/15252/Jarret-Vztahem-zapni/ - Musicserver


Available on http://musicserver.cz/clanek/15601/Makrorecenze-Vztahem-zapni-Jarret/ - Musicserver


1997 – Hic non sunt Leones / Hic non sunt Leones
2000 – O tom co se mozna stalo / About what may happen
2001 – Pasiove hry / Passion plays
2002 – Unikat / Escape
2004 – Live v Telci s Glenem Hansardem / Live in Telc with Glen Hansard
2006 – Vztahem zapni / Pull to Switch on the Relationship



We will be able to tick off 16 years of our existence this year.
The style of the band has transformed only slowly in the course of time. The resource still stays Dylan’s, so many times “heretic”, electrified folk, which is becoming, through the examples of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, but also Suzane Vega or Sheryll Crow, a gratefully used form. During the time we abandoned the clear folk expression and by adding further styles we become a "cross over band".
From the already released records and also from the performances our message should be clear and that is - being together and playing together (we insist on this order), is the same thing. It is a dialogue. A dialogue about that even intangible things are greatly present.
For our last CD Vztahem zapni! (Pull to Switch on the Relationship) we obtained the nomination for the genre award of the Academy of Popular Music Andel 2006 (Czech Grammy).