jarret marcel

jarret marcel

 League City, Texas, USA

"psychedelic-acoustic, with a pinch of lemon pop and occasional sprinkles of electric guitar." i like being creative but i do not like alienating an audience. i compose by Mozart's first rule: "if you can't hum the melody, it's no good!"


When i was a kid my mother would clean house on sundays, she would pop on some Beethoven or Mozart, crank it up, plug in her vacuum and go to town. I would lie beneath her stereo and just zone out on Beethoven being played at like 100 decibels! On weekends dad would work on his car in the garage, cranking out Waylon Jennings, clasic Hank Williams jr and Johnny Cash. So i grew up with a profound love for the acoustic guitar and, delicate melodies in a big sound.


"Winterlochen" 2010
(full lenght C.D., currently being mastered by Allen Corneau at Essential Sound/SugarHill Houston, TX)

"Conversations at Midnight" 2011
(second full lenght C.D. in production, slated for Spring 2011 release, to be mixed at SugarHill/Mastering by Allen Corneau)

Set List

1. Tree House
2. Honey
3. Hard Reward
4. Thrown Away
5. Southern Belle
6. Walk Away