Jaryd Lane

Jaryd Lane


A young soul with an old sound. Mostly constructed around an acoustic based singer/songwriter style. Jaryd Lane's music is also a blend of country with a little blues and a whole lot of soul.


“A young soul with an old sound”
That’s the phrase given on the streets and in local venues when asked to best describe Jaryd Lane. Born in 1978, this Kaplan, LA. native has had music running through his blood since birth. First inspired by his parent’s albums of artists such as Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Ray Charles to Merle Haggard and Travis Tritt Jaryd has started to develop a style second to none. Wether its solo acoustic or full band behind him, Jaryd caps it off with a raw, raspy and sometimes gritty vocal that defies his age as well as his appearance. Having been given the opportunity to open up for a national acts such as Edwin McCain & Kenny Wayne Sheppard, has definitely helped this southerner turn a few heads and show that there’s more to be heard in south Louisiana than the traditional Zydeco and Cajun sound. When asked what the experience gave a young artist such as himself Jaryd replied, “I really began looking at my songwriting in ways I never had before. Edwin reminded me that no matter what, it always comes back to the song, and not so much what you sing, but how you sing it. Like the late, great Ray Charles once said ‘the most important thing is to feel your music, really feel and believe it’.” With a style of writing that varies from intricate chord progressions to simple melodies, one thing that stands true is that Jaryd writes and sings his songs straight from the heart and deep from the soul. With his studies in music at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Jaryd has worked on developing his songwriting techniques allowing him to become very diverse, while becoming exposed to the ins and out of the music business.
Although Jaryd has started to create a name for him on the local scene, don’t think that he is going to keep it there. There’s a young singer/songwriter stirring in the south that some have already felt and believed and that others soon will. Let’s just say Ray would be proud.


Save Me

Written By: Jaryd Lane

Father you know I believe in your soul
And everything that you want me to be
Give me a sign down lifes lonely road
Teach me Lord when I'm mislayed
Everything you want from me
Is all I can be
Tell me where to go to find to find peace in my heart and a peace of mind

Save me from these worldwinds of emotions
These doubts are taking a hold, taking a hold of me
Save me I don't think I can control them
These worldwinds of emotions have got a hold of me
I will wait for you

Oh I know I don't always show you
Although at times it may seem
It's as though I don't believe
Everthing I want in life is what you desire for me
Tell me where to go to find to find peace in my heart and a peace of mind



Currently working on first EP

Set List

Most shows are typically 2-4 hrs. long
Artists ranging from Otis Redding to Merle Haggard
Try to do an original song for every 3 or 4 covers.
Change Gonna Come, Steamroller, Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink, Lay You Down, Rock Me Baby, Soulshine, Great Day To Be Alive, etc...