Jasafar Blues Band

Jasafar Blues Band

 Narberth, Pennsylvania, USA

Jasafar plays original material in the blues vein-music that reflects today's urban life. The audience not only hears the music but also feels the power of Jasafar and can only sense of enjoyment that each musician had in both their individual performance and the eclectic sound.


Jasafar grew from a basement band of three musicians to it current compliment of five. This was a process of growth and changes over a period of many years and has resulted in a band comprised of musicians from diverse backgrounds who have developed a sound which allows all the artists to express themselves individually while at the same time creating a sound that makes Jasafar unique.


lead rhythm guitar
bass guitar

Set List

Set 1
1) Rap;
2) Harry's Lament;
3) Sportin Life;
4) Rain Check
5) Intro the Band: The thrill is gone;
6) Mack
7) You'll Never Get to do it again;
8) Funk Me;
Set 2
1)Instrumental in C minor;
2) I'm Tired;
3) D Tune;
4) Wild Things;
5) Time;
6)Stand by Me;
7) Morning after blues;
8) Juke Box