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The best kept secret in music


"Hollyhood Music Introduces JASE Another Unsigned Phenomenon"

What's a hot beat without the BANG! Jase of Hollyhood Music touches on that with his hit radio friendly single " BANG" ready for release and hitting the airwaves.

Born Jason William Shaw on September 7. 1985 in Queens NY. Jase soon moved to Brooklyn's infamous Thompkins Housing Projects at the early age of six. Growing up was rough but for Jase he maintain positive and strong, his male role models were his older brother Charles "Chuckie Madness" Shaw and his late grandfather William Oliver Frazier.

At the age of 13 he moved back to Hollis, Queens and around this time He attracted the attention of Dreamworks record label. He was then consequently offered a recording contract. However due to circumstances his family and management decided against signing. The talented rapper was not discouraged and continued to cultivate his great abilities, all along waiting for his next big opportunity to come around. He continued
to write lyrics, and work hard to make sure that his dream of becoming one of the top hip hop artist in the world would be realized.

Four years later at 17 years of age he hooked up with Hollyhood Music and jumped back in the studio eager to fulfil his destiny. The results have lead to his quick rise as one of the top independent artist in New York City.

He has also takin his talents on the road and has performed in many major cities in the country. The strength and power of his live performances has established a growing fan base in all of the cities he has toured.

In 2004 Jase set out to take control of New York City's highly saturated underground. He has suceeded in distinguishing himself from all of his undergound competitors and has often been labeled as the MC that can bring NYC and the East Coast back. He has earned himself spots on NYC's hottest mixtape DJ's s. He has appeared on multiple Dj Big
Mike's, Dj Onpoint's and Dj King Smij's Cd's. He has become a tireless worker who often sleeps in the studio, "whatever it takes to make that fire" is what Jase says.

Look out for the Debut Album Titled " Da Young and Da Restless" dropping
May 2005.

- mi2n.com - Eric de Fontenay

"Jase: Da Juvenile Delinquient"

JASE is a nineteen year-old rapper out of Hollis, Queens. If the name doesn't ring a bell then keep your eyes open in the near future because he is "WHAT'S NEXT!" Currently signed to HollyHood Music, JASE is preparing the release of his debut album, Da Young and Da Restless, which will be released April 2005.

"You got a lot of dudes out here that spit a hard 16 but they can't make no songs. If they get a record deal they'll be on the shelf for the next 5 years." JASE does hip-hop, R&B, pop and rock, he'll make a chick record for you, a party record, or a street record. "We got the whole game covered and we do it well." That's why he's the illest dude in the game that's unsigned and underground and even most the cats that are on the label that are just there.

JASE's motto is pretty simple, "You going to the club, I got it; you going to do a drive-by, I got it; you chilling with your girl, I got it; you trying to get high, I got that too. I got everything you need, hip-hop, pop, r&b. THE GAMES OVER!

This isn't JASE's first record deal either; he had a deal with Dreamworks Records at the age of 13. Unfortunately he was failing school so his then manager/brother Charles "Chucky" Madness declined the deal because school came first.

These days JASE is hooked up with HollyHood Music. Founded by Vincent 'Chief' Washington, and Andrew 'Steel' Lewis, who were close to JASE when he was still young. As soon as he has come of age they decided he was the next big thing and they had to take him under their umbrella.

JASE currently has the mixtape, Already Platinum on the streets hosted by DJ ON POINT.

"If we don't drop this album we ain't eating. We done put life savings into this". The album will be distributed by Atlantic Records. - HARLEM LIVE - Parle Publications



December 04- present has sold 8000+ copies of
JASE - Aleady Platinum Mixtape vol 1


Feeling a bit camera shy


Queens has been known to breed some of hip-hop’s most infamous and legendary artists since the birth of the genre. Joining the ranks of hip-hop heavy hitters Run DMC, 10 year veteran, Cool James, Queensbridge lyricist, Nasir and Slim Shady prodigy, 50 cent, comes to the mainstream, the newest prince of Queens Hollyhood Music recording artist, JASE. Born Jason Shaw, this generation Y artist is determined and prepared to take his rightful place along side some of the finest artists in the game. Understanding that nothing comes for free or easy in this industry Jase has instinctive talent and faithful dedication for his music and entrance into this rap game.

Fascinated with the inner workings of studio sessions, Jase became a ‘studio rat’ and would hang out and constantly gravitate and emulate the acts that came into the studio. Producer Chucky Madness (Foxy Brown, Busta Rhymes, Petey Pablo) sparked interest in the young marvel that absorbed the rap game like a sponge. JASE became hip-hops biggest understudy. His talent landed him a recording deal with Dreamworks (Nelly Furtado) -the only glitch was he was failing school. At the pubescent age of 13 years old JASE lost his recording deal with Dreamworks. His older brother and then manager producer, Charles “Chucky” Madness had to sadly decline the deal for JASE.

Crushed and disheartened JASE learned that his music would come second to better grades. He watched sadly as his window of opportunity slammed in his face.
Taking a 3-month hiatus to get his academic priorities in order he returned to his first love, “rhyming”. This time around JASE would come back more focused and ready for business. He learned more about the business aspect of music and improved on his craft.

Ensuring that JASE would stay out of trouble and complete school went he was sent to live with his grandparents who gave him a safe and structured foundation. Looking to his grandfather as the male role model, JASE completed school and got a job as a supervisor for a major retail chain. Never losing site of his destiny, JASE continued perfecting his rhymes in between shifts at work.

Later JASE moved back to Queens were he hooked up with Hollyhood Music co-founders, Vincent ‘Chief’ Washington and Andrew ‘Steel’ Lewis who remembered him as the little kid in the studio everyday. They admired his tenacity and rap style, they signed JASE to Hollyhood Music shortly after. When asked do you feel the pressure of being the first artist on the label JASE confidently responds with a smile and says” I’m young and ready to make it happen. I’m built for this music game. Hollyhood has created a strong and supportive team to work on my album. We can’t lose on this one.”

When asked about his album the ‘Da Young & Da Restless’ JASE response “I just want my rhymes to move the masses. It’s not gangsta, its real. There is no obligatory gunplay in his music. Life has its low and high points, my album tells them both. On his album introduction, ‘Da Young & Da Restless’ Jase talks about being born the underdog. He rhymes about being born dependently premature. “My life was almost over before it began”. ‘New York, New York’ the Chucky Madness produced track, shows JASE in peak form, as he uniquely blazes his ‘pop your collar’ lyrics over the street track. An introspective track ‘Show Me Love’ is sure to be an industry favorite as the charismatic artist talks to the ‘haters’ asking them to show love when they see him making power moves. An artist like JASE couldn’t complete his album without showing a romantic side. The track ‘Girlfriend’ featuring the R&B vocals of producer Rick Steel reminds the listeners that there is someone special for all of us.