Jasmine and The Jack Stafford Foundation
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Jasmine and The Jack Stafford Foundation


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Press Quotes"

Q Radio, UK

‘’Absolutely fabulous!’’

Red Alert, USA

‘’Acoustic music?fans have hit a jackpot upon purchasing Long Live Love... This quirky acoustic male/female duo produces mellow tunes that are ?reminiscent of the guitar-based folky music that was first introduced ?in the early '60s… The ability to harmonize and give soulful depth to the two-man band is a feat that has been elegantly mastered by both members… This Amsterdam native band sounds like a European Bob Dylan but with a female touch and modern?twist. Their influences are vast, ranging from The Rolling Stones to Hole. Long Live Love is perfect for winding down at night time, cruising on a sunny day, or any time you need a calming escape.’’

DIGG, Belgium

‘’Rootsy and folky… a 5 star singer songwriter album!’’

Hamburger Abendblatt, Germany

‘’Amazing…Long Live Love is superb.’’

Der Schallplattenmann, Germany

‘’The music is magic…magnificent acoustic, alternative pop.’’

Music2Web, Germany

‘’Long Live Love is a wonderful album. Folk lovers, hippies at heart and anyone wishing to remember the 60’s will especially love it.’’

In de ban van, the Netherlands

‘’Long Live Love is the album of the year!’’

PLATO, the Netherlands

‘’What I think of the CD? I get up on the wrong side of the bed, cut my cheek shaving, spill hot coffee on my freshly ironed shirt, discover heavily frosted car windows: to end up in a 17 km traffic jam. I put on Long Live Love by Jasmine and The Jack Stafford Foundation and suddenly I love all the other drivers around me. Love and Peace to all!’’

Musicfrom, the Netherlands

‘’Long Live Love is a great record…we are curious what this unpredictable duo will treat us with in the future’’

Oor, the Netherlands

‘’An album full of genuine love...by a man and woman so intensely addicted to The Love Drug’’

Het Muziekcafe, the Netherlands ‘’A very intricate production that surprises out of pure beauty… country and folk are never far away whilst pop is master. There is even a hit on the album: The World is Wonderful.’’

POP INSTITUUT, the Netherlands ‘’Long Live Love is a tribute to the love that Jack has apparently found. Together with singer Jasmine Wynants, Jack sings love songs with a folk-like dressing and we can even hear some country influences here and there. Harps, banjos and church organs; that's what Jasmine and The Jack Stafford Foundation peppered with tongue-in-cheek humor. A surprise that is far from unpleasant.’’

- Various


Exes - 2005
Long Live Love - 2006
Tall Folks From Little Big Town - 2008
Starman - Jack and Jasmine sing the songs of David Bowie - 2008



Jasmine and the Jack Stafford Foundation, the longest duo name in pop, is Jasmine Wynants and Jack Stafford. They met at the launch of the Jack Stafford Foundation’s first album, Exes, in Casa Roso in the bohemian heaven of Amsterdam. One thing led to another, and two years later they released an album together called Long Live Love. Leonard Cohen once told Lou Reed that “all great works are done in the absence of a caress”, but he had never listened to Long Live Love. It’s been described as a modern neo-folk masterpiece. A 16-track piece with 12 different musicians and instruments, including church organ, harp, banjo, accordion and many more.

They have toured the album ever since, supporting names like Supergrass, the Veils, and the Rakes and touring the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, the UK and the US. They have performed together over 500 times and played on major radio stations and MTV across Europe.

Live they are completely different and utterly engaging, whether singing to each other in a ballad, or screaming out a blues-rock jam. While many other singer-songwriters will have you reaching for your ipod after two or three songs, the sound and song-style continuously changes, in a fluid set born out of performing hundreds of gigs together. With two voices, two songwriters and many different styles and instruments they are always intriguing.

There’s promise to be one of the great pop-partnerships, with each bringing something special to the mix. Jasmine (born in Belgium and raised in Singapore) boasts the clearest voice in pop, swinging percussion on her cajon, trumpet and guitar. Jack (originally from near Cambridge in England, now living in Amsterdam for 8 years) also sings and plays the acoustic guitar. They share the songwriting duties. It’s a sound that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Jack and Jasmine are difficult to classify. With their dynamic sound, percussion and harmonies they are more than just singer-songwriters, but not yet a band. Their sound has elements of British pop, indie-folk and even bluegrass. While the black humour in the lyrics and satirical content can make it more comedy show than a musical show at times.

After the epic Long Live Love, they went back to basics for their next record. Completely basic. Tall Folks from Little Big Town was recorded on an ipod with a small mono-mic in their apartment in Amsterdam. The highly-compressed sound is reminiscent of Daniel Johnston or Nick Drake. The songs were equally quirky, all about the characters they met in Amsterdam. The album was available free to download and launched at a special concert in Paradiso, during which they dressed up as the characters from the songs (the lonely stoner, the postman, the gay, the bondage couple) changing costumes in a flash between each song.

Then last year, as a Christmas gift to their fans, the duo collaborated with choir conductor and pianist Enrique Lopez-Corton to record an 8 track EP of David Bowie covers they called “Starman”. Beautifully minimalist with just the piano and their vocals, this project was an ode to one of the duo’s favourite musicians.

Jack and Jasmine are currently working on their third album together, provisionally titled ‘Days of Joy’. As always, every album has a theme, and this one is a slice of everyday life, with songs about work and then being unemployed, the apartment, daytime TV, etc. It promises to be another epic production, and the band is currently selecting the right producer to bring it to life.