jasmine ash

jasmine ash


singer/songwriter driven music that spans across different genres of pop and melodic rock. beautiful and unique, jasmine's music shines in any venue, anywhere.


Jasmine Ash is a singer/ songwriter from Portland, Oregon whose effortless charisma and soft, intimate voice have made her a favorite of the local scene as well as garnering interest from the record industry. Meredith Brooks writes: "Jasmine Ash can do it all, she writes, she can sing, and she's a performer...exactly what the music biz needs today." Jasmine's second CD entitled "From Grey to Blue" was and is an exciting departure from her previous acoustic work, and showed a level of complexity and maturity well beyond years. The record was released on May 14th, 2005 and quickly began to receive rave reviews. "...Catchy and beautiful...a feathery voice that wanders between cajolingly childlike and pristine." (kxl.com) "Her
vocals have a memorable quality that is only destined to get more so." (Andre Hagestadt) "Jasmine Ash is the next big thing to come out of Portland" (The Oregonian).
The CD was produced by the local production team of Ezra Holbrook and Sean Norton, whose previous credits include The American Girls, Camaro Hair, Little Sue, Assisted Living, Charm Particles, and a host of others. The Band that plays on both the CD and in concert has an impressive resume of it's own. Singer/songwriter and former Trauma Recording artist Aaron Masonek plays bass. Jason Henry, current member of the Portland rock band The Bella Fayes, plays guitar. Ezra Holbrook, producer and former drummer for Geffen Records band The Loved, as well as for the Decemberists, and current drummer for Little Sue, lends his talents on drums. It is an all star cast of local musicians who recognize that Jasmine has barely scratched the surface of a promising career. Playing in Portland for less than two years, Jasmine has managed to perform at almost every venue, and has played shows with popular local bands as well as touring acts. She recently returned from a three week tour of the west coast, a two week international tour in Tokyo, Japan and has been getting airplay on local radio stations.
Most recently, songs from "From Grey To Blue," were featured on MTV's Laguna Beach, among other popular television shows.
Jasmine has just concluded recording on her third and widly anticipated album "Shine" with breakout tracks such as Fall (Hidden Fortress Remix) and the album's title track "Shine." The album is due out for official release on iTunes June 11th and hard copy release July 28th with a live show featuring Jasmine and her band at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, OR.
2007 is likely to be an outstanding year for the songstress, and many local critics view Jasmine as the next big breakout artist to come out of Portland.



Written By: jasmine ash

fall away with me
when the road remains too steep
if you believe in me
then that's what i believe

i stay awake for moments like these
when the world wants everything
and everything is all that we can see
when everything is all we need

you are not alone
sometimes you think you are some nights
you are not alone
sometimes you think you are some nights
you are not alone
sometimes you think you are some nights
you are not alone
some nights you think you are sometimes

i sit and stare at the blankest wall
til everyone is beautiful and i had feared the sunlight before
but shadows don't scare me anymore

i am not alone
sometimes you think you are some nights
i am not alone
sometimes you think you are some nights
i am not alone
sometimes you think you are
some nights
i am not alone
some nights you think you are sometimes

fall away with me
i can help you to breathe
and you can help me to breathe

Start Over

Written By: jasmine ash, 2005- ASCAP

oh, once in a while we all fall
we take what we can if it's nothing at all
i am the girl that you used to know
i am the star of your favorite show

couldn't you let me walk away
given me a chance to get ahead of this game
it was all up to us now there's no one to blame
just let me start over again and i'll be okay

there's a place in my heart that could hurt you
but then you'd know i care
and if i ever had the nerve to desert you
would you still be here?

rpt. chorus

they say nothing in life is a failure
you win some and you lose
i gave it all i had to give
i could have given it all to you, to you

rpt. chorus.


2002: penelope's diary
2005: from grey to blue
2006: jasmine ash acoustic live
2007: shine

songs from both albums are featured on radio wazee and have top ratings on it's playlist. songs from both albums have received radio airplay on local station KINK 102 fm, as well as on old school house rock radio.

Set List

1. Fall
2. Start Over
3. Shine
4. Hard Times
5. Why'd You Have To Go?
6. The Ride
7. Wait
8. Racing To The Future
9. Come Pick Me Up (Ryan Adams cover)

Sets are usually 1-2 hours long.