Jasmine Pratt

Jasmine Pratt

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Very talented singer & songwriter! Jasmine has an original voice.


Jasmine Pratt, a native of Atlanta, was born in a home centered in music. Jasmine's mother was a DJ and played music excessively around their home. With music being a stable foundation in her life, Jasmine began singing in musicals and playing trumpet at a young age. Jasmine later attended DeKalb School of the Arts high school where she continued her arts participating in show choirs, women's chorus, band, and writing programs. It was also in high school where Jasmine received her first song writing award, winning the best song and composition in the southern region. Jasmine has a rich, heavy sultry voice. Most are amazed at such a mature voice comes out of such a body. Her voice takes you to church, but not in a building, she takes you and introduces you to your own soul. The words in her songs allow you to reflect on yourself, situation you have been through, and the human qualities of our existence (happiness to disappointment). Jasmine is a down to earth, "you can borrow my Kroger plus card" kind of person, yet she has multidimensional mind. She is wise beyond her years and willing to share to all with a willing ear. Jasmine loves all music. From Damien Rice to Sam Cooke or Marvin Gaye to Metallica and Seether to Stephan Micus. Though she does not have a musical preference, she loves soul. Jasmine has travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan and many other places singing back ground vocals for B.o.B for 5 years. She has toured with Paramore, Rihanna along with a long list of others. She has met a plethora of people along the way but her most rememberable was President Obama. Jasmine has sung and written for many artist and is excited for the future with the possibility of working with more. She is ready to make this a full time life style and excited to engulf herself in music and to get paid to do what she loves, using all of her artistic and creative abilities to help and encourage others. Understanding education is important, Jasmine tours during the summer and places it on hold during school semesters, though she did take one semester off of school to do her first world tour. People are impressed with her ability to balance both. In college Jasmine is pursuing an English degree with a concentration in writing. Though music is her passion she still feels safe having her options open to do other things, such a write, which is still an art. Hopeful for success Jasmine plans to travel the world sharing her stories and the stories of others, linking everyone together through experience. "Music and love are universal topics and they transcend thought time. There has never been an existing civilization without music, and I don't believe there is life without love."


It Ain't Real

Written By: Jasmine Pratt

It Ain’t Real (lyrics)
Somebody told you thats love was real
They told you it was a feeling

Well they lied they lied they lied
Oh they lied
Only thing real about love
is how much it hurts

Forget the fairy tales and the old love spells
'cause there is no knight in shining armor
We can slap old cupid and we can break his bows
now that we know the game

no it ain't real

Nobody told me that love would hurt
they told me it was like butterflies

Well the died they died they died
oh they died
'cause as fast as I smiled I wiped tears from my eyes
and my heart

Forget the fairy tales and the old love spells
'cause there is no knight in shining armor
so we can slap old cupid and we can break his bows
now that we know the game

no it ain't real*5

I may not feel this way forever
but right now this is the truth
the truth to me

Every time i find myself falling in love
love moves out the way
ooh yeah love moves out the way

it ain't real

-Jasmine Pratt



It Ain't Real