Rythemic and Melodic - Great Mix of Covers - But the originals are the ones that get things going! Just a lot of fun!


I basically took 12 years off! I picked my guitar back up, and haven't put it back down! I have been influenced by folks such as Dylan, hendrix, joplin, of course, but how about a band named Tabitha's Secret? Rob Thomas, Counting Crowes, Dave Mathews, and of course I am influenced by the events in my life as well as others....I think my overall sound is unique and different, and seems to be liked by all, yet no one can seem to nail the "style" of the music! I only try to sound like "myself" as opposed to copying the vocal styles of others - or "doing things like so-and-so"


Mental Overload - EP released in 1995 (Indy) - gigged from NC to Castleberry FL

2 tracks from this release ended up in the Independant movie "Southern Belles" but unfortunatly the movie didn't get picked up for distribution...

Currently working on the "One Takes" project - a collection of acoustic originals with just me sitting in a chair doing what I love to do - yeah with a little reverb and that's it - (I don't believe in "autotune" technology)

Set List

Typical set list with consist of a good number of originals as well as good old fashioned classic rock tunes - dylan, hendrix, steve miller, taj majal....