Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopPop

JASON804 unique Mix of Hip-Hop culture with Pop appeal. Very intent artist with music built on emotion and word play. Million dollar smile, High Energy personality & Music. Qualities to sell music & beyond. Kanye meets Wale meets Lupe meets Nelly! Fellas want to BE him and Ladies want to be WITH Him


JASON804 is a Richmond, VA native born entertainer. More than an MC a true performer that seems to connect with audiences almost immediately. A college educated, classically trained musician with an ear for musical arrangement and a pen with vision. JASON's music is written with such emotion and vision that each verse is almost like a film or episode. JASON804 the independent artist with the big budget vision and a "refuse to lose" drive. That drive moved JASON804 away from his corporate job and out of Richmond. VA to the current Hip Hop center of the world; Atlanta, GA . After recieving regional success with several releases as part of a group JASON804 decided it was time to make a move to pursue his aspirations as a FULL time entertainer. 2007 JASON went solo in which time his career seemed to bloom as an actor, national event host/personality, and MC. JASON has moved over 10,000 units collectively of his debut album "Born to Motivate...Raised to Succeed" recieving high praise from hip hop peers and professionals for his single and video "Earl's Gone Fishing". 2010-2012 JASON has released succesful street albums "The VA SHow", and "Road to Success", singles "Happy Hour Mood Swing", "Feeling So Alive" and "B.A.M." creating a powerful brand. JASON804 has opened up for Lupe Fiasco, LL Cool J, and G Unit to name performing in front of crowds as large as 15,000+. JASON804's crossover appeal as made him the top performing arts brand ambassador in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic Regions. His endorsements have ranged from Adidas, Footlocker, New Era, Heinken, Amtrak, Ford Motor Company to smaller brands such as Playdate, USA and Take Me to Happy Hour (.com). Traveling the nation entertaining crowds at festivals and small venues everywhere. To know JASON is to love him through music or personally; now is his time!


"Act Up" - Single/Group (radio play, commercial/television)

Family Business - Street Album/Compilation DonLand Entertainment

"Body Shake" -Single (web radio Play)

"Now or Never" -Street Album/Group

"Excuse Me" - Single

"Born to Motivate...Raised to Succeed" - Album (Stores)

"Earl's Gone Fishin" - Single (stores, Vidoe, Radio play, web radio play)

"Step into It" - Single (stores, radio/web radio play)

"Failure is Not an Option" Single (Music Video)

"The VA Show" - Street Album Featuring ConFlict

"Good Money" - Single

"You Are Not the Father" - Indie Film Soundtrack

"Laying My Past to Rest" - Indie Film Soundtrack

"Happy Hour Mood Swing" - Single (Stores, Video, Commercial)

"Feeling So Alive" Single (Stores, Radio play, Web Radio play, official Brand Song for Ford Motor Company and 2011 Essence Music Festival marketing Campaign, Theme song for Playdate USA "Wanna Play Gettaway Cruise 2011)

"Road to Success" - Street Album (Over 2,000 units moved download + physical copy)

"I'm Good" - Single (Web Radio Play, Music Video over 5,000 views)

"B.A.M." - Single (2012; radio play, web radio play, music video)

"Mind of a Champion" - Album