Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson


My collection of meaningful songs from the heart


I am self taught in all that I do. I will never claim to be great. I feel the need to express myself and this is how I do it. My influences range from classical to rock and roll. Favorites include Ani Difranco, Blind Melon, Led Zeppelin, Chopin, Beethoven and Tool. I enjoy all kinds of music and I enjoy what I do.


Rare Form Of Beauty

Written By: Jason Anderson

She's a rare form of beauty hardly seen
Standing next to me on loves journey
Trying to save my life from falling through
I'm caught in a crossfire of loves desire

If only for one day
I could take your breath away
If I could hear you now
What would you say?
Would you be alright?
I'll be blessed for the day
That awaits you
In your heart
Because the one in me
Will never fade...

It's amazing to me to be
Part of the animal living in her world
But I'll just fade into the scenery
I'll try not to stand out
As hard as that may be

If only for one day
I could take your breath away
If I could hear you now
What would you say?
Would you be alright?
If I just walked away
From where I came
From your heart
Because the one in me
Will start to fade....

She's a rare form of beauty... Holding me
I thought I could live without
I thought I just might see
But-I-find that I'm just standing patiently
I'll hold on to my last breath
Cuz I know it's only......

For one day
I'll take your breath away
I can hear you now
I know what you'd say
You will be alright
I'm so blessed today
I await
For your heart
To belong with mine


Written By: Jason Anderson

Here I stand
Just as I am
If the need is to
understand me
then take my hand

And we'll walk through the park
That's leads to a trail through our hearts
And then we'll feed some seeds
To the birds
That hover above us

Here I am
Holding your hand
And it feels like
I have everything

And I know that you love me
Just as much as I love you
And I miss you more and more
When were apart

So here's my chance
Endulge in romance
Just a long slow dance
with you

And I want you to know
That I'm here for you
In rain, sleet or snow
Nothings new without you
Believe me
Believe me
Believe me...


Written By: Jason Anderson

In the glass I see the reflection of you
Looking right at me in this room in your view
I've waited so long here
that I feel that I'm losing my soul
But I'll stand right beside you
'Cuz I know how hard it is to fall down
And try to stand
Rise up again
When you've fallen way too low
I just want you to know...
I loved you so

Now in a dream I found this love
As often as dreams come
But everything seemed to push you from my visions
I once believed what you said
'Cuz it mattered to the both of us
I just happened to look away
When life was dealing you those cards

We tried to bend and stand
To stack them up again
On this table unleveled
I just want you to know..

Rise up again
Cuz We all try to stand
And we cherish every moment
I just want you to know...