Jason Andre

Jason Andre


My love of globe trotting has exposed me to many musical cultures. I incorporate exotic instruments from my travels with a strong acoustic guitar foundation.


Growing up in a home where my mom played piano and my dad played guitar I listened and sang along to a lot of Beatles songs. I started on the piano at 7 years old, because my parents said that if I could learn IT, I could learn anything. So I bounced from clarinet to to percussion in the school band until I graduated high school but picked up my dads guitar at 13, started learning the bagpipes at 18, spent some time living in Australia and taught myself how to play the didjeridoo. I met a Scots Guard at 21 and really learned the bagpipes, then traveled to Turkey and after one lesson from a man named Hussein in Cappadocia, began learning the saz. Met a West African and learned the Djembe, and since then I've picked up a few other unique antique instruments from friends and family and dedicated time to learning how to make them sing together.

My stories are sung through the eyes of my spiritual walk through life, experiences with friends loved ones, and echoing back cries for freedom within myself and others struggling with life and death both inside and out. Wrestling with heaven and hell here on earth while using the elements of this creation to weave melodies and rhythms together and find a resonance with others trying to wrap their heads and hearts around it as well.


Focusing on a Reflection Demo- 2006
Winter Dreams EP- 2007
the Phoenix & the Fish- 2009

Set List

Eloi, Broken Down, Peace of Me, Midnight, Raised, Quemao, The Meeting, Invisible Children, Down the River, A Face in a Dream, Overcome, Free, Sing Sweet - 1 hour 30 minutes

Covers: Power of the Gospel, Well,Well, Well, Sorrow, I Will, If I Get Murdered in the City, to Be Alone with You, Messages, Poor Wayfaring Stranger