Jason & The Lyrebird
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Jason & The Lyrebird

Newtown, New South Wales, Australia

Newtown, New South Wales, Australia
Band Pop Alternative





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Debut EP "In A Tee Pee We Shall Lay"
Available Now Through iTunes. Follow the link below to purchase.



Jason & The Lyrebird formed in early 2010 when singer, songwriter, guitarist Matt Hampton met keyboard player extraordinare Oberon Elenius by chance in the isle of a supermarket in Sydney's Inner West. Though wearing silly bogus eye glasses & a pony tale Matt quickly grew fond of Obe's quick whit, charm & desire to eat Nutella with a spoon directly out of a jar, the two forging an instant friendship & it was only a matter of hours before Matt had asked Obe to form a band.
By mid 2010 they had recruited a rhythm section & guitarist that would see many guises before settling to become the current line up of the shy but talented Lucas Andreucci on Bass, the outspoken & impressionable Joanna Scarlet-Coultier on Rhythm Guitar & the very, very handsome James Jennings on Drums.
The band then began to rehearse relentlessly & performed just a handful of shows before bunkering down to record their debut EP "In A Tee Pee We Shall Lay", described as "Arcane Indie Pop" with its blend of guitars, Wurlizter piano, rich vocal harmonies, quirky toy instruments & joyous group vocals the EP was subsequently completed in June 2011 & released on iTunes July 7th 2011. Along with The EP release was a film clip for the tittle track "In A Tee Pee We Shall Lay" spliced together with home footage shot on a mobile phone during Matts summer holiday.
The band has since hit the stage working their live set at venues such as The Annandale, Lansdowne & Beach Rd Hotels & are in the midst of planning a promotional East Coast Australian tour in Early 2012 which will stretch south to include Adelaide Fringe Festival & a CD Launch of the EP in Sydney scheduled for March 2012. Meanwhile the song "Love You Like A Radio" from the EP has just been picked up by Sydney fashion label Brent Wilson & is the soundtrack to their latest promotional video for their 2011 Spring/Summer collection.
Jason & The Lyrebird are currently about to shoot a second film clip, this time professionally with real writers, directors, producers & all that fancy stuff, they are also planning the recording of the debut full length album due to start tracking December 2011.
Visit a show, say hi, buy the EP, follow us on a social media network of your choice & stay tuned for there is more to come......