Jason Ashley

Jason Ashley

 Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

Music with Passion that shows in the vocals. Stage charisma that never disappoints & an artist who openly admits that it's not all me. Total there are 6 Guys that work and play together. We have just as much fun off stage as we do on it. You Bring the people and we'll bring the party.


Alexandria, LA native Jason Ashley’s start in music was less than stellar when, as a third grader, he took the stage at North Bayou Rapides Elementary School to sing “When You Wish upon a Star”. In his own words he “bombed and promised I would never sing again.” However, the trauma of that first public performance did not last long. Two years later Mrs. Gayle Roach, (“I’ll never forget her”) a Lincoln Road 6th Grade teacher saw something special in Jason and gave him his first solo in a school play. The next few years were filled with promise as he continually received the highest rating possible for solo ensembles. “It was like getting a perfect 10 in the Olympics,” remarks Jason.

Throughout his high school career he continued to work on his craft, writing and performing constantly and entering competitions whenever possible. Shortly after graduating from high school at the age of 17, Jason entered the Jimmy Dean Country Music Showdown in his hometown and his performance earned him second place. While not winning first place might have dashed others’ hopes, it only served to stoke the fire for Jason. He spent the next two years touring with his band, performing for crowds throughout Louisiana and Mississippi.

Always a man with a compassionate heart, Jason donated his talent and time whenever he could, something that continues to be very important to him. A local radio station scheduled a concert to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a part of their local radio-thon. They asked Jason if he would agree to open for a new artist on BNA Records named Mindy McCready. After his performance he was introduced to producer David Malloy, who produced McCready and others, including the legendary Eddie Rabbit. Malloy asked Jason if he would be interested in moving to Nashville to work with him. Jason replied, “my bags are already packed,” and a few months later he was a Nashville resident.

During his time in Nashville, Jason worked in the studio with David, sang demos for famed songwriter Michael Garvin and others, and worked on his songwriting. He performed at many of Nashville’s hottest clubs and always kept his eye on the brass ring.

Then came the call from his father that his mother had become deathly ill. Over the three years that would follow, Jason would make the drive from Nashville to Louisiana many times. On one of those many drives, he felt that God was telling him that he needed to move back home. He made the decision to put his music career on hold, and in November of 2002, he moved back to Alexandria. Then just five months later tragedy struck. On March 18, 2003, Jason lost his mother.

When he reflects on those five short months, Jason knows how precious that time was, and he would not have traded it for anything. But he also knew that his mother would want him to continue to follow his dream, and shortly after her passing, Jason was standing in the kitchen in his parents’ home and spotted a baseball trophy that made it clear to him. The letters on the trophy spelt out the word RISK and underneath was written simply,

“You’ll never get to second base with your foot stuck on first.” He saw that brass ring in front of him again, and he took the leap of faith he knew he would always have to take.

He began calling friends and acquaintances in Nashville, and a short time later producer/engineer, longtime friend, Kelly Schoenfeld and producer Dave Fowler agreed to team up with Jason on a new CD. Jason returned to Nashville and then met with Kelly and the three began to search for songs for the new project.

They decided on four songs from Jason’s catalogue, “Walkin’ In The Rain”, “Handle With Care”, “That Man” and “Spurs Over Stetsons” (co-written with Kathy Rogers and Matt Wood). Six more songs from Nashville’s best writers were chosen including the classic “Quittin’ Time” co-written by old friend Michael Garvin and originally recorded in 1985 by the late Keith Whitley on his break through release LA to Miami. With the songs chosen the trio moved into Jack Gavin’s Rising Sun Studios to cut the tracks. Then it was on to Kelly’s Studio, The Velvet Room, to record vocals, overdubs and mix the project.

With work in the studio completed it was time to put together a new band, renew his old acquaintances in the new bayou and head out on the road again. In just over two years of solid touring Jason Ashley and his band "The Twangsters Union" have performed to more than 85,000 people, playing packed houses and festivals throughout the south east including the Uncle Sam Jam in Alexandria, La, the prestigious Natchitoches Jazz Festival, always crazy Contraband Days in Lake Charles, the Rabbit Festival of Iowa Louisiana, the GladeWater Texas Rodeo, the Marshland Festival in Lake Charles Louisiana and certainly not least twice has been a feature act for the James Burton International Guitar Festival.

With each show new fans are introduced to


Jason has two songs in the top 100 released independently.. "Country Girl" & "Ice Cold Beer" while songs co-written by Joe Nichols "6:31" a haunting ballad always crowd favorite.. but locally Jason has become known for his self pinned song "Handle With Care" this has catapulted him into a favorite South Eastern regional act.

Set List

We will play a mix of original music along with covers. We play to please a crowd. We can pretty much play anything country or rock. We can even play some zydeco music if need be. We have learned to read an audience. We will keep playing different types of music until something sticks. When we find the genre that works.. we hit hard and have a ball.

Tom Petty
Last Dance w/ Mary Jane
Take It Easy - Desperado
Already Gone
Rolling Stones
Honky Tonk Woman
Van Morrison
Brown Eyed Girl – Domino
John Cougar
Pink Houses - Hurts So Good
Dobie Gray
Drift Away
Jerry Lee Lewis
Great Balls of Fire
Whole Lotto Shakin’
Three Doors Down
Here Without You
Kid Rock
Only God Knows Why
Allman Brothers
Midnight Rider
Eric Clapton
Lay Down Sally
Wonderful Tonight
Dynamite Hack
Gin & Juice
Jim Croce
Don’t Mess Around w/Jim
Jimmy Buffett
Margarita Ville
Otis Redding
Dock of the Bay
Bob Dylan
Knocking on Heavens Door
Black Crowes
She Talks t