Jason Bajada

Jason Bajada


Indie-Alt-Pop; we're all heart baby!


Do you remember the way music made you feel when you were sixteen? Because you were listening for the very first time. Music resonated with such great weight. Songs imprinted themselves into your being, wrenching out the awkward devils of change and rites of passage.

Jason Bajada’s music is disarmingly real. His debut album “Puer Dolor” is an invitation to hear music that way again, as though it were the first time. Through an aperture of authenticity and naivety.

The marriage of such influences as Sparklehorse, The Cure, The Lemonheads, REM, Elliott Smith, Death Cab for Cutie and Wilco, Bajada’s music is fiery red with intellect and black-and-blue with emotion. His songs are endowed with that rare capacity to move you. Articulate and convincing. Integrating the chaos and classicism of his diverse influences. Integrating complexity with comfort of melodies that feel so right.

Jason Bajada founded accomplished Montreal band Ocean Hope in 1999. Three years later, he began his critical collaboration with Fred Bouchard, former drummer/producer for nationally celebrated act Modern Stories. Between them, they have lit up stages for Moist, The New Radicals, Men at Work, Esthero, Copyright, and Australia’s Xavier Rudd. Joined by cellist Catherine Le Saunier for live shows, the current “band-disguised-as-a-solo-project” delivers performances so professional and generous, you’ll catch yourself thinking “bands just don’t do it like this anymore.”

Now and again, a song is created - and you know instantly when you hear it, in a flash of revelation - that it is so much bigger than itself. That it will transcend time and place and will transport you every. single. time. Puer Dolor is laden with those songs. Produced by Andrew Cherna, Dolor collects pieces so masterful, the paradox of wanting to keep them secret and sacred for oneself while wanting the world to be able to hear it, is inevitable. It tiptoes (Sad Song About You #7), strips down and rocks (Metaphysical Flash), jazzes (Afterhour Space), bitches (Don’t Pretend Politeness), begs (Cheating), and raises a middle finger (Wall).

Now and again, performers are so exceptional that an eventual buzz about them is a simple certainty. And it is certain that the roar of crowds swelling in the streets of Montreal - demanding his name - will spread fiercely beyond our borders. As Jason Bajada continues to consistently sell out 400-seaters in his native city, the Spring will see him recording in Los Angeles followed by extensive touring in support of his recent releases.

Jason Bajada’s debut album and live compilation are the promise of melodies that cannot leave you unchanged. They knock on your head, press down on your chest, pull shivers out of your skin and hit everywhere that counts.

It just feels right.

To Contact Jason Bajada:

phone: 514.994.5599
address: 174 Sinclair, Saint-Sauveur, Qc, Canada J0R 1R7


Puer Dolor (2003 Studio Album)
Live at Cabaret Music-Hall (2003 Live Album)

Set List

Bad People Missing
Metaphysical Flash
Don't Pretend Politeness
Afterhour Space
My Mind Wants a Lullaby
Sad Song ABout You #7
Am I Holding You Down
Ellie's Song
Summer Heart Attack
Like Everyone
Fix Up Your Crown
All My Aliens
That Sweater
Say Ok
Los Angeles Spills Beauty
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths Cover)