Jason Bean

Jason Bean

 Syracuse, New York, USA

Jason is a singer-songwriter from Syracuse NY with a background in both rock and theater which is reflected genuinely in his songs. He can play any format, be it acoustic, a duo with a piano player, or with a full band to round out the gig. Folk, acoustic, rock, it's all there in the mix.


Jason Bean is a singer-songwriter hailing from Syracuse in Upstate New York. His background in both music and theater laces his songs with a sometimes dramatic, sometimes playful, and sometimes implacable feel that can only be described as an alternative to the everyday. With a strong vocal and a conversational lyric, you'll find a rock and calm that anybody could appreciate and enjoy. Jason recorded his first folk/alternative acoustic EP "Take Your Time" in 2003. His first full-length album entitled "When History Let's You Go" was released in 2006, followed by another, "What It Seems" in 2008 and a fourth in production now. His run at a live career thus far has already earned him a large following, television, newspaper, and radio spots, as well as numerous gigs all over the northeast. Look for him while he sets out to share his music with the world. Also be sure to check his official website, www.jasonbeanonline.com for news and other show updates.


Recordings Include:
Take Your Time (Acoustic EP) 2003
When History Lets You Go (Full Album) 2006
TK99 Soundcheck Live (Radio Performance) 2007
What It Seems (Full Album) 2008
All recordings available for download or purchase at www.jasonbeanonline.com!

Set List

I have enough material for a 2 hour set, with or without my backing band. One full set or two sets with an intermission. All original material, no covers.