Jason Becraft

Jason Becraft


Introspective and honest reflections of life and the world.


I was first introduced to a musical instrument (the trumpet!) at about 10 years old. I had always listened to my parents play guitar or piano and knew I wanted to play them as well. So, I did! I picked up my Mom's old Epiphone acoustic (the action on this things was terrible...like an inch off the fretboard!) and I taught myself to play. I learned to play the piano a bit before my guitar crash course.

I started writing songs in my teens and have been doing so for about 15 years now. I feel like I'm on a mission for perfection in music that is not really possible, but still I seek...just like with any obsession.


Recording now.

Set List

I play originals as well as covers. Cover songs will be in the rock and folk styles, ranging from Tom Petty and Dylan, to Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson. I do have a full set of original material.