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New York, New York, United States

New York, New York, United States
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"The Jason Bishop Show at the Chenango County Council of the Arts in Norwich, NY"

The Jason Bishop Show came to the Chenango County Council of the Arts in Norwich, NY, and they left having gained many fans and possibly a few offended enemies. Which is fantastic. Jason Bishop is an illusionist who loves to get up close with the audiences so he can really confuse them, tease them, insult them, and entertain them. The crowd will cheer for it all.

*The Jason Bishop Show comes from small roots, but big ideas.

Jason Bishop bills himself as "America's Hottest Illusionist", and while he is cute as a button, that title isn't official in the way he wants it to be. Then again, if he keeps at what he's doing right then he just might become that. According to his biography, Jason Bishop studied theater and then performed his feats of magic anywhere he could find an audience. That seems to be the traditional start for most illusionists. Now, he travels the globe with his assistant, Kim Hess, a baton twirling, award winning, beauty who knows the show inside and out. Most people don't realize how much work the assistant really does during magic shows.

*The best thing about The Jason Bishop Show: The insults.

Take away the magic tricks, and the Jason Bishop Show is still worth paying for. Most of the act was Jason Bishop making prepared jokes, and pulling out off-the-cuff jokes that nailed the small town of Norwich perfectly. The humor thoroughly distracted the audience from any sleight of hand, at least those that actually got the jokes. Jason Bishop had a grand time poking fun of the mini Tea Party Rally that took place in town, and the "live long time home" next door. No adult, or child, was exempt from his jokes. This audience member laughed at the jokes more than awed at the tricks.

*The second best thing about The Jason Bishop Show: The Magic.

The Jason Bishop Show has little technology, and is run by a small handful of people. That means there is no big production, and what you get is simple magic. This is a good thing. Jason Bishop puts the illusions right in your face, giving less opportunity for him to distract with smoke and mirrors. So the illusions are harder to figure out, because you can't blame it on the big production. You are left stunned and entertained.

A lot of the magic was performed with either an audience member(or more) involved, or a camera right on Jason Bishop's hands and large screens for the audience to see. He might surprise a kid by turning a dollar bill into a hundred, and then giving it to the kid. Jason Bishop will drop a bowling out of a giant notebook, or switch places with his assistant in a locked chest while tied into a sack.

*It is worth seeing The Jason Bishop Show.

We can all watch David Copperfield, Criss Angel, David Blaine, and whoever, on TV. Yet, none of them perform tricks with as much humor and friendly atmosphere as Jason Bishop. They are unreachable, while Jason Bishop wears the boy-next-door charm and puts on a show as if he is in your living room at a Christmas party. The Jason Bishop show is modern, filled with today's music, fashion, and jokes. It is a family show that everyone can enjoy.

To see videos and photos of the Jason Bishop Show, or to see where they are heading next: The Jason Bishop Show Official Website
- Helium

"The Jason Bishop Magic Show"

The grand illusionist Jason Bishop makes his Lewis Family Playhouse debut with cunning and style.

The magician has truly mastered the art of magic and will challenge your senses with his sleight of hand. This world class entertainer loves to get the audience involved in his breath taking performances.

Never a traditionalist, the Jason Bishop Magic Show is cutting edge and features an energetic rock and pop soundtrack.

- orangecounty.com

"Jason Bishop brings his world of illusions to Phil"

Illusionist Jason Bishop has performed around the country and the world.

The Jason Bishop Show will stop at the Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts on Friday, May 13. The tour later visits Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Vancouver, British Columbia and Skagway, Alaska, among others.
Magic is an art form for Bishop, who studied theater at Kutztown University before dropping out to pursue the life of an illusionist. Performing tricks and dazzling audiences with events such as a double levitation and using plasma illusion is what he wants to do.
Bishop enjoys being on stage, entertaining with sleight-of-hand tricks and humor, all set to contemporary music.
He feels fortunate to be able to perform whether it's in Naples or Las Vegas or Skagway.
"Absolutely," Bishop said. "It's not easy and it's a precarious thing. I'm very glad to do what I do, what I'm passionate about. Every job has its negatives. This job has so many positives. I'm really blessed and thankful."
The shows can be precarious, requiring precise timing of lighting and tricks and music.
"The thing people don't get about magic instead of music, in music you can miss a note," Bishop said. "In magic if you get a light cue wrong, it could ruin it."
Bishop knows the history of magic the way baseball television announcers know the history of their sport.
The legendary Harry Houdini is overrated, according to Bishop.
"Houdini was an awful magician but a great escape artist," Bishop said.
Perhaps the greatest American magician was Howard Thurston, who died in 1936, 10 years after Houdini.
"Thurston has been an inspiration," Bishop said.
Bishop's tricks and his 21st century technology with lights and big screens and rock music and casual attire are all different than the world Howard Thurston would have known.
But the magic and the illusion and dazzling audiences are things that Thurston and Bishop have in common.
Getting to this point in his career included a very early speed bump. Bishop said his first show was in front of older, more experienced magicians.
"I literally almost ran out the back door," Bishop said.
- Citizen Times.com

"The Jason Bishop Show - America's Hottest Illusionist Tickets and Information"

Illusionist Jason Bishop turns a borrowed object into a one hundred dollar bill, melts through wood and metal, and stuns you with world-class sleight of hand. Jason features original illusions as well as pieces that have been performed by David Copperfield and Criss Angel. Come out and be a part of the most amazing show of the year!
- theatremania.com

"Modern, high-tech illusionist Jason Bishop appears on Vilar Center stage Thursday, March 31"

It’s a night of fast-paced illusions set to modern music using iPods, LCD screens and other state-of-the art technology when The Jason Bishop Show comes to the Vilar Performing Arts Center (VPAC) in Beaver Creek on Thursday, March 31 at 6:30 p.m.

You will not see a rabbit pulled out of a hat at this performance. Bishop is redefining the art of magic and is an illusionist for the next generation. From his breathtaking “Double Levitation” to his cutting edge “Op-Art” and “Plasma” illusions, Bishop’s show features stunning and original high-tech magic, for audiences of all ages.

Each performance features award-winning sleight of hand, exclusive grand illusions and close-up acts projected onto a giant movie screen. Additionally, the show is delivered with modern energy and an outstanding rock and pop music soundtrack.

Bishop cuts through the usual hype and focuses on entertaining audiences with one remarkable illusion after another. Each routine is presented in his unique style. Bishop may have a person passing through his body one moment or make goldfish appear from nowhere the next.

The Jason Bishop Show is best suited for families with children 5 years of age and older, as well as adults looking for a fun date night.

Tickets for The Jason Bishop Show are $35 for adults and $25 for children. Choose seats online at vilarpac.org, by phone at 888.920.ARTS(2787) or in person at the Vilar Center box office in Beaver Creek or Marketplace Box Office in Vail Village. Children’s tickets are not available online and must be purchased in person or by calling the box office.

The Vilar Performing Arts Center is a project of the Vail Valley Foundation. For more information on the Vail Valley Foundation, visit www.vvf.org.

- realvail.com


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From his breathtaking double levitation to his cutting edge Op-Art and Plasma screen illusions, Bishop features stunning and original state of the art magic. One thing that distinguishes Jason is his virtuosity. Each show features amazing sleight of hand, exclusive grand illusions and even close-up magic projected onto huge screens. No other illusionist showcases such a diverse array of talents. Additionally, the show is delivered with a totally modern energy and outstanding rock and pop soundtrack. With a fresh hip style and Spanish/Latino roots Jason not only represents the new face of Illusion but also the dynamic face of today's America. Jason has been recognized by his peers when he was awarded magics prestigious Jack Gwynne award for Excellence in Presentation. College campuses voted him APCAs Best Performing Artist of the Year. Jason has been a featured entertainer on Disney and Norwegian Cruise Lines, he has performed at the U.S. Naval Academy and has appeared at Carolines on Broadway in New York. Bishop's shows on Disney Cruise line were so high rated that he was the only entertainer selected to perform regularly on their Baltic and Mediterranean Cruises traveling to twelve countries. This is a show suitable for any audience and perfect for family or sibs weekends as well as homecoming; it's also great for a fun night of entertainment. http://www.TheJasonBishopShow.com