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The music of Jason Brock is a unique mix of influences including but not limited to the Rock, Reggae, World, and Contemporary Pop genres. By blending and borrowing from these various styles, Jason cooks up a very original set of songs. Tasty and refreshing, the eclectic sound combinations make for a live performance that's one of a kind and well worth the price of admission. Through the course of a show the audience can expect to hear crunchy driving guitars blending with African drums, soulful harmonies mixed with horns, and jams that allow the studio cuts to breathe with the musician's interpretation of melody and emotion. It's live performance that's not to be missed.

What type of music do you play?

I play whatever style captures the tone or the essence of a particular song or emotion or thought. If a song requires heavy drums because the lyrics are strong and intense, then I'll do it. I try, try, and try whatever until I hear something magical. Gongs, album scratching, violins, you name it. If it works, I'll use it. I'm not afraid to experiment. I'm an independent musician, so I have that freedom to really go out there and follow the muse. I'm not restricted by having to fit in a genre or category. I guess all of that is a long definition of "Alternative" though that term has come to mean something very specific.

What have you released to date?

"Plant The Seed" is the first solo CD I've released, but I've been in many bands and on many recordings. I've released CD's for Orangehand, Maximum R.O.A.C.H., and played guitar for Purple Planet on their releases. I've performed and recorded with Emily Richards extensively over the last four years. Some of these releases are next to impossible to get. I am an independent musician. Limited releases kind of goes along with the territory. I can probably get you a copy of some if you really want one.

When are you planning your next release?

My next release will come out in 2005 at some point. I've got a lot of songs. Some of them are recorded in various stages and some just in my head. We'll see how it unfolds. I want to continue the "Plant The Seed" motif. I still feel the album has life and want to continue to promote it. If these next songs work well together it will hopefully turn into an extension of the philosophy buried within "Plant The Seed."

What is your favorite song to perform and Why?

I really like performing "Des Moines (Burning Like The Sun)" live. It has that reggae rock groove that I love and I really relate to the lyrics. I've concentrated a lot of my effort in music towards social activism and global awareness. Music is such a great way to bring people together and shaking their tree. I wrote "Des Moines" out of the experiences I've had on the campaign trail with AWAKE Community. When I play it live those memories come back to me vividly.

Where are you planning for your next shows?

I'm planning on bringing together some great, great musicians together in Los Angeles in the coming months and playing a few shows. Suzanne O'Keffe from the Imagine festival wants us to perform at one of her events. She's amazing and we're looking forward to that. Hopefully I'll get a live recording to post on my website. Then I may hit the road and do some solo acoustic stuff. Of course I'm doing shows with Emily and AWAKE. With that and recording its going to be a busy year.

Any last words?

Yeah, I'd like to say thanks to everyone out there listening and supporting independent music. Sometimes finding something you like is difficult, you have to search and keep searching. The journey is part of the process. And when you do find that magic, wow, it's an awesome experience. So thanks again, and stay tuned.

- Musician MP3

"Rude Buddha Media Release"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Emily Richards at Emily@awakecommunity.org (323) 363-8026

SOURCE: Rude Buddha Records
Jason Brock “Live” Sparks Social Awareness Agenda In 2005
Benefit shows to include AWAKE Community, Neighbors for Peace and Justice, and The Social Venture Network.

LOS ANGELES, January 7, 2005/PRNewswire/ -- Jason Brock is setting out to make 2005 the year when music and activism blend together to voice the signs of the time. Blazing a new trail in the socially conscious style of Sting, Peter Gabriel, and Bob Marley, he’ll be performing tracks live off his self-produced album “Plant the Seed” at festivals and rallies across the country. With songs like “Des Moines” “Wake Up America” and “Elephant” Brock intends to ignite an awareness that is already taking form across the U.S. and the world. His record, a ten-song music editorial, is a unique and engaging blend of world beat, reggae, and alternative influences. Combined with the poignant lyrics he is known for, the performances are sure to be captivating. “We’re going to take the album and squeeze it for all its worth,” says Brock, “and I intend to get every last drop out of it.” He’ll start the year with a Neighbor’s For Peace and Justice benefit concert and Town Hall meeting in Los Angeles, Saturday January 15th. The event will include a guest appearance by Tom Hayden who will speak out on ending the Iraqi War.

Jason’s schedule then takes him to The Gig in Hollywood February 12th, The Social Venture Network conference in San Francisco February 28th, and then on to Washington D.C. to perform and produce a show for the Congressional Stop DUI Caucus. He plans to perform as much as possible to get the music and the message out.

“In this current music industry climate, musicians are forced to become activists,” states Brock, “I’m just taking my activism beyond my music and into the politics of change. Music is a very powerful and positive part of my life. I want to share that with the world.” One look at his website drives that point home. The site www.jasonbrockmusic.com is filled with music, insight and links to a variety of socially active organizations.

Last year, activism through music and the non-profit AWAKE Community brought a new understanding to his art and world-view. And its one he intends to act upon. “From drunk driving to sustainability to war, there is just a lot of life wasted unnecessarily. We can easily prevent this through positive efforts to face the issues, instead of ignoring them,” states Brock, “As a musician I feel compelled to raise a new awareness about these and the other issues of our time.”

He and the issues based AWAKE Community made great efforts throughout 2004. AWAKE even caught the attention of Lollapalooza, whose director Perry Farrell is committed to educational and environmental causes. The 16-city tour had planned to feature the Music Tree interactive performance area, managed in part by Jason, where fans could experience solar-powered hydrogen technology through music. Unfortunately, the tour was cancelled. He went on to perform for AWAKE at Solfest in Scottsdale and Hopland, The Imagine Festival, and Park City Arts Festival. “It’s an eye-opener,” he says, “when you see the real alternatives we have available, like creating power with the wind, the sun, and how we can plug into them with sustainable technology.” In support of his efforts Jason distributes his music through www.cdbaby.com, the premier independent Internet music service. Through his web presence, his live shows, and AWAKE, Jason Brock is planting seeds. Positive action through music is what he hopes to harvest.

Tracks from “Plant The Seed” have received awards and approving reviews from the media outlets Mixposure, Garageband, and Indienetunes among others. Jason Brock’s live band is Toulouse Holliday on guitar, Dana Harlow on bass, Dana Franklin on Drums, Emily Richards on piano, Nicole Trafalian background vocals, Pete Korpela on percussion, and Greg Degler on Saxophone. Contact Jason Brock at www.jasonbrockmusic.com or AWAKE at www.awakecommunity.org for calendar updates, e-mail press kits and additional information.

- Rude Buddha

"The Synthesis"

"The mixture of styles draws on the right amount from each element." - Max Sideman

"Music Connection"

"...A kick to watch!" "Swinging with a power sound that shook the Roxy" - Bernard Baur


I loved this song. I noticed you didn't ask for reviews on various vocals, performance, production ar anything like that and I think I know why. The answer is you already know it kicks much butt.
Loved lyrics and vocal hooks but man did I love that guitar.
I thought back ground vocals at the end were good as well.
This was my favorite thus far.
Reviewed by: BlueZenBand from Orlando, Florida - BlueZenBand


Plant The Seed, Rude Buddha
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Jason Brock’s new release for Rude Buddha Records, Plant The Seed, packs modern era protest songs with riffs worthy of the 70’S era legends, presenting a roaring departure for the Hollywood guitar circuit veteran. With hard-hitting rock songs like Disciple, to the poignant lyrics of reggae-rock song Des Moines, Brock utilizes his musical experience to address political and social issues we all face. Once again his directions shift past the confines of what’s expected, without forgetting where it all began.

Jason’s noted for his ability to be diverse. He is a guitarist and songwriter whose career has garnered success in many different musical directions. Performing and producing for Emily Richards on many studio cuts including the number one hit Do You Remember, and It’s Not Raining, he’s helped the internet diva usher in the age of independent internet music distribution. In the band Orangehand, Brock wrote and performed CMJ charting song Tragically Hip and earned Music Connection Magazine’s rating as one of LA’s Top 100 best unsigned alternative rock bands. MTV’s hit series Road Rules featured his work with Purple Planet, whose gothic electronica dance hits Little Push and Vicious Circle have garnered worldwide renown. With dozens studio cuts to his credit, Jason’s guitar playing songwriting has charted the spectrum of the indie music scene, adapting to each mood and evolving throughout the changes.

Jason’s touring experience and live performances compliment his studio success. As guitarist for Emily Richards, Brock headlined the 50-city Club MP3.com Summer 2000 Tour and received a endorsement from Carvin Guitars. With Orangehand he opened for Dread Zepplin and The Univited among others on a 250 show west coast tour. He’s played practically every club in LA throughout his Hollywood based career. He is charismatic onstage and he knows how to go from holding it down to ripping it up.

The depth and experience that Jason brings to his music began to grow at an early age. He first instrument was a trumpet, which he still plays to this day. From there he branched out to other instruments including drums, keys, and bass. His main love though, is still the guitar.

Learning to play a beat up six-string he found abandoned in a shack by his rural New Hampshire home, he began to write his first protest songs about the Iran-Contra affair. Years later in LA his focus shifted to police brutality and the Rodney King Beatings. It’s no coincidence that his music has helped support his activism with the non-profit, AWAKE Community, whose aim is to educate through the arts on various social issues.

Jason’s guitar work and songwriting can be heard on radio stations across the globe and through the internet. His latest release Plant The Seed can be purchased at CDBABY.com. For more information please contact Jason Brock at (323) 363 8026 or Jason@awakecommunity.org