Jason Bush

Jason Bush

 Miami, Florida, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Composer for Music for Film & T.V Credits: Dateline/NBC, HBO Specials, American Classical Concert Series. Production Clients; Bob Seger, Jimmy Buffet, AC/DC, UFO,(Any Disco Band), Bee Gees, Cougar, Mountain, Felix Pappalardi, Eddie Kramer, Doobies, Running Out of Characters in The Box.....


Have extensive Experience in Concert @ Live Event Production [All Aspects] {Bottom to Top - Top to Bottom}. Sound Designer, Stage Lighting Technician & Designer, Pyros, Recording Engineer/Final Mix Engineer, (Can Master-But Far From The Cream of The Crop).Stage/Road Manger, 40+ Years of Instrumentation {I'm Not That Old, Just Started Young}
Experience; Mainly Keyboards,(Piano, Organ, MiniMoog, Guitars, Basses, Drums/Percussion, Woodwinds, FOH /Monitor Engineer, Very Extensive Studio & Concert Production & Musician Exp.
Certified Laserist & Show Designer.
My Quote:
"I Worked Hard (Partied As Hard[That Was The Motto back Then] & Learned from The Best of The Best.
I paid Attention, And Listened Closely & Learned.
(I Spent Two Months, Straight, Then On & Off For Several More Months, When Mr. Kramer was to Produce "AC/DC" on The "HIGHWAY TO HELL" Album .
Eddie Kramers knowledge "JUST BLEW ME AWAY" - (He taught me 'A Wealth of Information' at No Monetary Cost) I Will Never Forget Our Conversations on "Listening To The Music", The Tracks, Visually In Your Mind And Seeing Each Layer of 48 Tracks of Music ( MIDI Was Barely Coming Into The Scene) & of course talks about his work with Jimi Hendrix. I was the Manager of {InFamous} "M.S.R."(Musicians Studio Rentals) Located In North Miami, Florida a backline supplier & Rehearsal Studio for The "A" List Bands in the late '70's. Located In North Miami, Florida. The opportunity to work with thr brst bands of the time.
Mr Eddie Kramer, I Appreciate the Time You Spent Talking With Me About The Physics Of Music. You Taught Me Well & Helped Me Become The Producer /Recording Engineer/Musician I am Today.


Music by Jason Bush --1999
Escape To Television --2000
Cues,Cues & More Cues -2002
Atmoshperes; "The Soul of Celluloid" -2004
"Is This My World?" - 2008

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