Jason Choi and the Sea

Jason Choi and the Sea


Jason Choi and the Sea play a mix of folk and indie rock, using layers of guitars, synths, and subtle percussion as a backdrop for impassioned vocals.


After writing and playing by his lonesome for several years, Jason Choi gathered some friends together to record a CD for Winter in July Records in 2003. Drawing comparisons to Damien Jurado and Kind of Like Spitting, these four songs strike a chord with the listener's sense of longing and regret. Dubbing his backing band the Sea, Jason began writing songs with a fuller sound in mind, involving more guitars, keys, and percussion instruments. After their first tour of the southeast in the summer of 2004, Jason Choi and the Sea went back to the studio to begin work on a full-length album, Leave the Night Behind. Musically, the album pulls influences from Death Cab for Cutie and American Football, as well as the band's folk beginnings. Unlike those of previous recordings, these ten songs aspire to uplift the listener, using imagery of light and darkness as a parallel to good and evil, joy and sorrow, and hope and shame. After more touring and several lineup changes, Leave the Night Behind was released in June of 2006 on Team Grizzly, a label started by Jason and Brian Bo (of Clock Hands Strangle). Its release was directly followed by an eastern U.S. tour. Jason Choi and the Sea has played with artists such as Phosphorescent (Misra), Madeline (Orange Twin), Castanets (Asthmatic Kitty), Defiance, Ohio (Plan-It-X), the Living Blue (Minty Fresh), and Scout's Honor (No Idea), as well as Florida favorites Baby Calendar (Happy Happy Birthday to Me), Look Mexico (Lujo), Clock Hands Strangle (Team Grizzly), Band Marino, and Summerbirds in the Cellar.


Up Jumps the Devil

Written By: Jason Choi

Wake up, o sleeper
Rise from the dead
Wake up, receive him,
and leave the night behind...
But this is the devil whispering in my ear
And that's his hand creeping up your thigh
As we climb higher and higher, it's harder to breathe
And the echo of your final gasp is the only sound
as i dive head first into that casket
I can't wash these hands
I can't warm this house
I am helpless without movement
Helpless without you.

Leave the Night Behind

Written By: Jason Choi

Just look at what these hands have made
And all the knowledge in our brains for every step we take
We make big plans, big plans, mistakes
That prove to be everything we need to lose sight
Of every gift unseen and every single piece of who we're meant to be
O, if we only touch his cloak we will be healed
O, if we leave the night behind we will be revealed
There is life, there is love still to receive
It's rising as the sun in the sky
Though i still forget that from time to time
It never leaves my mind.


Written By: Jason Choi

I am surrounded by words from lips unseen
Constantly attacking me
Confusing all purpose and truth
Now where does darkness end
This is where we begin
I am not afraid
I am aware
I bear this light across my face
I am awake
Believe it or not, they're coming for you
To steal and destroy what's been promised to you
So arm yourselves by the light of the day
The war is here the war is now
So arm yourselves or lay down and die
The war is here
The war is now.


2001 … and Miles to Go Before I Sleep (self-released)
2003 split CD with Hope Breaks Through (Winter in July)
2006 Leave the Night Behind (Team Grizzly)
2006 Atlas Compilation No. 1 (Atlas)
2006 Post*Records & Friends present: Ole! (Post)

Set List

A normal set lasts about 25 minutes, with no covers.
What'd Ya Call Me?
Up Jumps the Devil
Aren't We Funny?
Leave the Night Behind
I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts