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See You Again

Written By: Jason Clark

Feet In The Sand As you watch the waves hit.
grasped in your hand is a cigarette lit, soon pressed to your lips as you take another hit. smoke explodes out your mouth while i lyrically spit a full frame picture of a life that your hating. stop wasting and contemplating on lifes frustrations, no expectations there is beauty all around you look in the wrong places

As time goes i soon realize all the things you said. so at night as i ly dreaming in my bed. my thoughts suggest that i confess oh where do i begin? i know someday you will go away but i will see you again

Verse 2
nights go by i lye awake in bed while i dream to believe these things you said.you went away ill see you again dont know if its fate so ill just pretend. pad and pen to write down my thoughts, juice and gin to help get them across. you said "we should be frieds" i guess its your lost but i keep giving in no matter the cost. a girl like you is one and a million. is this love true? are these real feelings? burning down buldings not bridges. you caught my lips by your soft sweet kisses. aint that a bitch shit! im going to miss this. i mean this chick is so prolific, simplistic, yet real and i want to tell her how i truly feel

Chorus again

Verse 3
I guess your right your so fugacious next chapter in life best turn the pages. have you heard the news? write down the latest. heart broken in two, quick and painless. said "i love you" thought i was playing. your indesicive mind left you frustrated. attidude check, better change it she flew to vegas to get quick and famous