Jason Cockburn

Jason Cockburn


Jason Cockburn delivers his songs with an emotional and passionate blend of self-reflection, joy, sadness and storytelling seldom seen in these days of flashy pop fantasies. His voice has the command and power of the late Jeff Buckley, but with songs more akin to the early days of REM or U2.


From the hill country in central Texas to Copenhagen Denmark and many places in between, Jason Cockburn has been performing his whole life. Starting out in theatre the transition to singer then songwriter has been an easy one. Fronting bands all over the world Jason is at last creating music on his own terms.

Working with renowned award-winning producer, musician and songwriter Salim Nourallah and award-winning musicians Chris Holt and Daniel Hopkins, Cockburn has further enhanced his fresh and spontaneous sound. The alliance has resulted in more confidence in songwriting, playing and performing. Not only can you hear the difference, but you can see the difference as this performer reigns the stage with confidence.
In a desire to have his music heard by the masses, compositions recorded, published, promoted and performed live, Cockburn recently created DeviantSounds Records. This formation has given Cockburn more control over his creations and has allowed the opportunity to create in other forms such as film (Radiant; Silo Media production) and
theatre (Hamletmachine; Silo Media Production.)
Cockburn performs in venues such as Los Angeles’ world renowned Viper Room and many places in between. No matter the venue, Cockburn grabs the audience and pulls them to the stage to get the message across.


Kudos: Never Know won for the Best Rock/Pop Artist, Songwriter, Vocal Performance and Musicians of the Year at the 2004 Artists Undiscovered Awards.

Cockburn’s song “Still” featured in the Silo Media Motion Picture release Radiant

Set List

I have two full hours of mostly originals and a few great covers including but not limited to Jeff Buckley's "Grace", "Eternal Life" Leonard Cohen's "Halellujah"
Bowie's "Suffragete City" and many more