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Currently finishing up my debut album. I have some of the new songs that are going to be on the album up on my myspace page, and they are getting significant plays!



"I love performing my music for people. The attention is definitely part of it, I mean after all, why would you write music as an artist if you didn't want people to hear it?! But that feeling when all of the sudden, everyone becomes quiet, intently listening to the lyrics and melodies you've worked so hard on, has to be one of the best feelings in the life of a singer/songwriter."

Jason Daniel grew up in Rochester, NY, where he claims that absolutely no one would have ever guessed that he would be doing what he's doing now, including his family. "All through high school, sports were always my life, and where I excelled. I never had any real music training, never joined the chorus or anything like that, I loved sports--still do actually. I somehow always had a natural singing ability though, and I could always hear original songs and melodies in my head. But I never had a way of putting them into form, until of course I taught myself guitar in college. Since then, I can't stop writing!! I probably have about 50 songs written, and the hardest part is deciding which ones to play and record, because I personally love them all. I know that many will never make it onto a CD, but I just keep writing.”

How would you explain your writing style and how you come up with songs? "Well, first of all, I taught myself guitar by basically writing songs. As soon as I learned my first few basic chords, I started writing, so although I don't have any training in music theory, I also don't have any restrictions in my mind in terms of what I should and shouldn't do. Some of the most talented musicians I’ve met are terrible writers, I think partly because they live by too many rules, and try to be too fancy. I basically just play the guitar until I think something sounds good. Once I find something I like on the guitar, I just keep playing around with it, singing random stuff to it—‘free styling’ if you will (he says jokingly)—until something really hits me with potential. It's all just by ear, just a feeling.

Lyrically, there is no one way I write, but usually, I just sing until I find a phrase or hook that seems to fit the type of song the music suggests. Then, I try and relate my life and experiences to it, but most of all, I try and put myself in other peoples’ shoes. Occasionally I’ll write a song strictly about me or my life, but usually I try and create something that everyone can relate to. Sometimes, I’ll even write a song after watching T.V. or a movie. Chick-flicks are definitely the best for writing love songs” he laughs.

“Obviously I’m always improving with experience, and now I am more able to listen to an artist I like, and then write a song with a similar sound. I think that’s why my style varies a lot now-a-days, because I like a variety of different artists in different genres, and I try and learn from them all. I am actually thinking about having a separate band name for my more pop rock stuff, because it definitely sounds a lot different than my older, more acoustic, folky stuff I started with, and I don’t want to confuse people. I honestly love playing both styles.

And what about success? Do you crave fame? “That is a tough question, almost a trick question to me. I would have to say, I definitely feel a little uncomfortable when people are listening to my music when I'm in the room, but performing my music for people, especially when they know the songs, well that has to be one of the best feelings in the world. I guess I do crave success, as should everyone, but I don’t necessarily crave fame, at least not how most people think of it. Yes, I want fame, in terms of having fans that know and enjoy my music, but I wouldn’t really want to be so famous to the point where you can’t walk down the street or do normal things in life without privacy.

I guess a short answer to that question is, I crave the type of fame that will allow me to have a successful career in music—play to packed crowds and earn a decent living doing something I love. I realize that there’s always a chance an artist might become really famous, and I won’t shy away from it at all, because at least more people will hear my music, but it definitely is a little scary when you think about that lifestyle. I think I am a very long way from that though, so I’m safe for now” he jokes. “But buy my music, attend my shows, and spread the word, cuz I want to keep making music damnit!"