Jason [^_-] Davis

Jason [^_-] Davis

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopSpoken Word

Progressive, Classic And Honest.


The Strange Tale Of Jason Davis Begins On A Rainy Fall Day At A Small Hospital In Chicago Where He Was Born. Many Questions Were Raised That Day Regarding Who His Father Was Because None Was Present At The Birth, Many Speculate Jason Was The Result Of A Genetic Experiment Using The DNA Of Some Of History's Great Chefs. After 12 Troubled Years Of Schooling Filled With Prison Like Classrooms And Ignorant Teachers Jason Escaped Into The World Of Music Which Inspired Him To Start His Bear Killing Business And Also To Become A Novice Chef. After Building His first Transforming Robot Boombox In 2009, Jason Founded SIVAD INK And The Robot Army, Which Now Terrorizes Bears, Prostitutes And Artists On A Daily Basis. With The Robot Army Behind Him, Jason's Potential Seems Limitless. All The World Can Do Is Watch And Pray The He Uses His Powers For Good.



"Rider" (Single) ~ July 2009

"Bullshit" (Single) feat. M!LK & The Incomparable Tito ~ July 2009

"Welcome To The Robot Army" (LP) ~ January 2011

"Murder Machine" (Single) ~ March 2011
"Club Night" (Single) ~ March 2011

"C.A.N.B.A.P./Can A Nigga Borrow A Pencil"(EP) ~ April 2011

"Dope-A-Tron:BETA"(EP) ~ June 2011

"Spectrums Of The Mind"(LP) ~ September 2012