Jason DEBO

Jason DEBO


We are a song based rock/pop/acoustic/punk band with vocal harmonies. Our harmonies will melt you like German steel. Our live show is both tight and loose in all the right ways.


"San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Jason DEBO and his band play straightforward, melodic pop rock driven by catchy vocal melodies. Like a lot of 90s indie bands that played pleasant, no-frills rock, their music sounds like it wants to shake your hand and be your friend, not beat you over the head with its hipness and make you look at its self-taken Myspace pictures..."
The Owl Mag

"DEBO’s new CD Eucalyptus Fields of Sugar Cane draws comparisons of a well produced/not drunk Guided By Voices and Versus. For what it’s worth DEBO is pushing the envelope with his down to earth presence and straight forward anthems. In a world of music plagued by bands so quick to jump on the idea of genres and false pretenses, this disc is a safe investment for connoisseurs of the natural progression of pop rock."


Eucalyptus Fields of Sugar Cane (Talking House) 12/2006
Wrong Thing, Right Place - SFxSXSW compilation (Talking House) 3/2007
55,000 MySpace plays

Set List

Current Full Set list (all original songs) about 50 minutes of music.

Heaven Forbid
En Vacance
Greedy Love
Miss Shape
Wrong Thing, Right Place
Tag Along
Take It or Leave It
Wrote a Song I Couldn't Play
Portable Gambling Problem
2 Love Songs