Jason Feller

Jason Feller


How about... Springsteen's 'Nebraska' and the Wallflowers had a kid with the emotional vulnerabilities equal to the likes of Peter Gabriel, Ray Lamontagne, and (on a really hormonal day) Conner Oberst and Adam Duritz in a cat fight (except more gruff and no whine).


Jason Feller's mother loved to listen to the radio and sing along, so it's natural that her son would pick up the habit, too. There was that particular mid-80's summer when the ride home from weekly swimming lessons introduced him to Bill Joel, Mister Mister, and Huey Lewis and the News. Then came middle and high school band-nerd status, but when most teens turn in their rock star aspirations to become frat boys or even mill workers, Jason started writing songs.

While Jason's past includes fronting a rock band, the story ends well: those 80's pop influences gave way to Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, and Marc Cohn, and his songs began to garner the attention of serious songwriting aficionados as well as the acoustic coffeehouse scene. “I don't remember if it was Tolkien or C.S. Lewis that said he writes the stories he wished he'd heard as a kid. I sort of adopted that philosophy.” He moved to Nashville in 2003 and has found

Music lovers longing for a dreamy acoustic-rock revival won't be disappointed with Feller's debut solo album, Goodnight, Moon. Vocally, Jason is a smoother, sweeter version of Bruce Springsteen or Jakob Dylan (he has a bit of that sexy, raspy thing going on). Lyrically, he's a fantastic storyteller following in the footsteps of Springsteen and the other Dylan. With songs like “Carolina, Love Will Find You”, Feller finds that perfect, achy-tender spot, and you just may want to fall in love.


Carolina, Love Will Find You

Written By: Jason Feller

Carolina, love will find you here
Bold as stone
Warm like home

There’s a whisper hanging in your ear
Like a drum
Sure and strong

Wait for me, wait ‘til the end, wait ‘til our love finally finds us friend
Stay with me, stay ‘til the dawn, stay ‘til the sun rises from the dead and there’s life again

Sister River, cry away your tears
Let hope rise
Flood the skies

Brother Mountain, stand strong for your girl
Let her stream
Through your valleys of peace
And tell her…

Take of me, take of my heart, take all required to love you well, my southern belle
Taste of me, taste of my mouth, taste of my lungs that will breathe you in, breathe again


2007 - Goodnight Moon