Jason Fickel Band featuring Ginger Curry

Jason Fickel Band featuring Ginger Curry

 Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Blues with slide guitar and an incredible gospel-trained female vocalist named Ginger Curry -- Plus lyrics where Randy Newman meets Lightning Hopkins See videos at: www.YouTube.com/LostCanyonRecords


Jason Fickel was born in Kansas and raised in western Colorado. Bitten by the blues as a teenager, he headed South to Mississippi where he apprenticed with bluesmen James “Son” Thomas and Othar Turner, learning blues guitar and the blues trade from the masters. During his time in Mississippi, Jason also shared the stage (or juke joint floor) with R.L. Burnside, Roosevelt “Booba” Barnes, and John Hammond. Next Fickel headed north, first to Rhode Island, where he played coffeehouses and biker bars (opening for Son Seals and Ronnie Earl), and then on to Chicago, where he honed his songwriting. Now based in Indiana, Jason continues to perform and record. His new album, “Dust Up Baby,” features members of his band: Tim Remmy on guitar, Russell Upsomegrub on bass, and Kyle Hopkins on drums. Joining them on vocals is the fabulous Ginger Curry.


All Your Bad Habits Rubbed Off On Me

Written By: Jason Fickel

All Your Bad Habits

When I first met you baby, I was a good little boy
I treated you nice baby, you were my pride and joy
But then time goes by and I became a different kind of guy
‘Cause all your bad habits rubbed off on me.

I used to show up early whenever we had a date
But you pretty baby were always running late.
But then time goes down and you're the fool who's waiting around
Because all your bad habits rubbed off on me.

I used to drink cherry-colas; I don't drink that now.
I picked up the habit of whiskey--you're the one that taught me how.
It seems so sad you wonder why did I turn out so bad, well,
‘Cause all your bad habits rubbed off on me.

Cheating, lying, smoking in bed--I can't believe it myself
You taught me so well, if you only knew
Sometimes I'm smoking next to somebody else

You had a habit of boyfriends, you said, "Never you mind."
So I picked up the habit of cheating, baby, was just a matter of time.
And now you wonder why things turn out this way
Well there ain't too much that I can say except for
All your bad habits rubbed off on me.
All your bad habits rubbed off on me.

My Girlfriend is Gonna Sing (A Couple Songs Tonight)

Written By: Jason Fickel

Well the mics are checked, the amps are set
Everybody’s almost in tune
A couple more minutes
Then we’ll start the show.

So, sit back, boys and hear me out
I have an announcement to make:
My girlfriend’s gonna sing a couple songs tonight

I know it’s not what we had planned
But I already told her how you’d understand
If I said, “My girlfriend’s gonna sing a couple songs tonight.”

I would do
The same for you
If just one time
You could ever find
A girlfriend
Half as good as mine

We’re gonna do one that she wrote
And then some Mariah note-for-note
You’re gonna be knocked out when my girlfriend sings a couple songs tonight

And if it all goes really well
Then you can never tell
She might join the band and sing
A couple songs every night

One Thousand and One

Written By: Jason Fickel

One Thousand and One

I made up my mind a thousand times to run and hide from you forever

I’d reach the corner, stop a step, hang my head and crawl right back

But today is not the same, something’s changed

One thousand and one must be my lucky number

I made the corner, waved my hand, and caught a taxi-cab

I gave that taxi driver a tip

For helping me to make my run

I said, “Call your favorite bookie,

And put it all on one thousand and one.”

So now you’ll understand
When the mail man
Delivers my postcard to you
And now in the corner
You’ll see
The number one thousand and one


"True, Kansas," 12-song CD, 1997; "Rio Rancho Drive", 12-song CD, 2002; "Kerosene Cologne", 11-song CD, 2005; "Dust Up Baby", 10-song CD, 2009.

Set List

Sample 90min setlist (1/3 covers):
All Your Bad Habits (Rubbed Off On Me)
Lucky One
Can't Live No Place
My Girlfriend is Gonna Sing (A Couple Songs Tonight)
Ain't No Grave
Grave of Kit Carson
Bells of Avignon
Dust Up Baby
Don't Forget the Milk and Bread
No Money Down - Chuck Berry
Come on In My Kitchen - R. Johnson
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - H. Williams
Dust My Broom - E. James
It Hurts Me Too - E. James
Karma Chameleon (instrumental) - Culture Club