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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Steppin Out Magazine Review"

"Jason's style reminded me of the nineties band Maggie's Dream who had soul oozing out of every one of their songs. He had that "tight in the throat" squeezed off kind of passionate voice if you know what I mean."

BARFLY - Feb 11, 2004
by Alan Tecchio - BARFLY - Feb 11, 2004

"Review of Song "Wings of an Angel""

Jason Grisser sings out “Wings of an Angel” with the strong authority of a veteran coffeehouse player. The song is lyrically visceral and poignant. The acoustic guitar is clean and melodic. The added harmonies bring a fuller sound.

Mr. Grisser’s vocals are rough enough to bring a manliness to a delicate song. He has good control over their range and sustain as proved in the end of the song where he successfully carries a lyric over several measures.

The lyrics paint an everyman’s conversation with poetic nuances: “Poor yourself a glass of wine and listen to me cry / sometimes I think that’s all you need to get by / Arm yourself with hurting words, shield yourself with tears / it’s a perfect war so take my flame, and fill me with all of your fears”. His performance brings a genuine quality to the lyrics rather than just singing words.

Production could use a professional touch, which would only add to catching every essence of the song. But this version is certainly passable to give you an idea.

“Wings of an Angel” has a definite place in today’s music whether exposed by radio or TV show (I know I say TV a lot, but soundtracks of popular shows are proving to be beneficial for emerging artists). I checked out some other tunes by Mr. Grisser and I look forward to hearing more from this guy. I think he’s got something to say.

~ Joops ~
GOM Reviewer

[There's a million stars in the sky
and we have yet to reach just one]

- Gods Of Music

"GOM Review"

Jason Gisser is one of the most authentically soulful singer-songwriters that I have come across in some time. You can feel the integrity that the he puts into his music, particularly his voice.

Review by: Hans Martenson - Gods of Music


Acoustic Soulicide
Dark Liquid Purple


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jason has been playing music since the age of 9. In a racialy, and religiously diverse household growing up, he was introduced to many forms of music. Soul, Funk, Rock, Jazz, Disco, and in college Classical.
His main influences are, Aretha Franklin, B.B. King, Pink Floyd, The Black Crows, Early Lenny Kravitz, Kings X, Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye.
His show's get people up, movin' singin' screamin one more song by the end of the night. And most importantly he gets them back the next time he plays.